Joel McHale Talks 'Community' Movie and His 'Darkest Timeline' Podcast With Ken Jeong (Exclusive)

McHale chats with ET about his hopes for a 'Community' movie and working with Ken Jeong once again.

Joel McHale is down and ready for a Community movie.

It may be almost five years since the comedy series came to an end after six seasons, but there's no doubt that fans are still loving the show (and dying to fulfill Abed's prophecy of "six seasons and a movie!"). ET's Kevin Frazier video-chatted with the actor this week, to talk about Community's resurging popularity after it started streaming on Netflix and if fans are ever going to get the movie they so desperately want.

"Oh, it's happening. We're filming it now. We have a budget of $250 million. We're shooting it in Costa Rica. It's taking place on a large pirate ship," McHale joked of a Community feature. "Well, I hope it happens. I know that Alison Brie tweeted she got a call from Sony and I think there's a world where it happens, but as you know, a lot has to happen. Scripts have to be written, actors have to be available. I mean, all these steps."

"I would do it in a New York minute," he continued, adding, "It's going to be hard to get a hold of Donald [Glover]. It's pretty cool that people have continued [on to other projects]. Obviously, Donald became-- I mean, I think people on Mercury know who he is. I know that he's the busiest person I know. You know, your John Olivers and obviously Alison, I mean, everyone has gone on to do shows."

"Sure, all mine have been cancelled, but I mean, whatever, you didn't have to ask that," he quipped. "And Ken [Jeong]'s on The Masked Singer."

Community, which premiered in 2009, followed six unlikely strangers who meet in a study group at community college. The show quickly became a hit, spinning brilliantly clever storylines from the mind of creator Dan Harmon and the talents of its star-studded cast.

"I know that Dan wants to do it and I know that he's got so much Rick and Morty to do as well," McHale said. "So I don't know when he's going to find the time. But I'd love to do it."

In the meantime, McHale and his Jeong started their podcast, The Darkest Timeline With Ken Jeong & Joel McHale, amid social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We started because Ken is an actual doctor and his wife is a practicing doctor, and he's able to very easily distill this latest information down. That's how it kinda started. I was like, 'Ken just give me the two minutes of what I need to know, because the news goes on and on and on, and it's hard to distill where we are,'" he explained. "So he's great at that and then of course, because it's called The Darkest Timeline, that's the Community reference. So we talk about that and we're both on, he's a mainstay on The Masked Singer and I show up once in a while."

McHale also touched on hosting the Tiger King reunion specialThe megahit documentary has developed a huge following, but many of the series' subjects say it misrepresented the truth. So McHale got the chance to revisit the supporting cast of the series for the so-called eighth episode, "The Tiger King and I," which premiered on Netflix this week.

"Can you imagine what Halloween is gonna be like?" he joked of the series' popularity. "It might as well be called Joe Exotic-oween."

Watch the video below to hear what he said about hosting the special.