Inside Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez's Life as Newlyweds: Why They Feel More 'At Ease'

Grande feels more 'relaxed' after tying the knot, a source tells ET.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are settling into life as newlyweds. A source tells ET that the pop star feels "relaxed" in her relationship after tying the knot, and not as concerned about being "scrutinized in the media." 

"Ariana and Dalton have really been enjoying married life," ET's source says. "Ariana is happy and feels very relaxed. She feels like she is entering a new chapter of life and is excited to see where it goes."

"Ariana and Dalton felt like before they were married they couldn't be as open about their relationship without it being scrutinized in the media and now they feel way more at ease," the source adds. "They have plans to travel more together and feel closer than ever." 

According to ET's source, the two -- who married in a private ceremony last month -- enjoy "making unified decisions."

"Ariana is Dalton's first priority in everything that they do and he really values her and shows it," the source says. "Ariana loves that Dalton is super chill and how understanding he is of her."

Grande, 27, and Gomez, 25, were first romantically linked last year, around the start of the coronavirus pandemic. A source told ET in May 2020 that the singer was hesitant to be so public with her relationship, after seeing "how that has worn" on her past romances. Grande's previous high profile relationships include Big Sean and the late Mac Miller, as well as Pete Davidson, whom she was engaged to from June to October 2018. 

Gomez and Grande got engaged last December, and on May 15, married at her Montecito, California home. 

"Ariana and Dalton got married in a small private ceremony over the weekend," a source confirmed to ET at the time. "The couple wanted the ceremony to be private and took precautions to make sure that happened. The ceremony started in the afternoon and went into the night."

The source added that the newly-married couple is "ecstatic and looks forward to their future together."

See more on Grande in the video below. 


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