Inside Cassie Ventura's Happy Life Post-Diddy: Meet Her Husband and Daughters

Cassie Ventura married Alex Fine in 2019. They are parents to two daughters -- Frankie, 4, and Sunny, 3.

Cassie Ventura somehow, someway mustered the strength to put her turbulent and violent life with Sean "Diddy" Combs behind her. She couldn't have scripted her life post-Diddy any better. And what ensued was the softest of all landings for the R&B singer, who in Alex Fine she found a partner who nurtured and protected her.

These days, the "Me & U" singer is fully relishing her role as a wife, mother and talented musician -- all at the same time. That she finds herself in pure bliss with Alex and their two daughters -- Frankie, 4, and Sunny, 3 -- speaks volumes of her fortitude and relentless determination in not allowing her violent past with Diddy define her.

Cassie went public with her relationship with Diddy in 2012, though they were romantically linked as far back as 2007. They collaborated on a number of projects and ultimately split for good in October 2018. Then came Nov. 16, 2023, when Cassie sued Diddy for rape. Less than 24 hours later, the parties "amicably" reached a settlement, but that lawsuit set off a domino effect that would ensnare Diddy in multiple lawsuits with plaintiffs claiming sexual assault, among other allegations.

Months after Cassie's lawsuit, security footage surfaced -- published by CNN -- showing Diddy physically assaulting the singer in the hallway of a Los Angeles hotel. The video, complete with multiple camera angles, was dated March 5, 2016. Diddy has since taken "full responsibility" for his actions in the video. But perhaps the voice that spoke loudest after the release of that security footage came from Cassie's husband.

Cassie kisses her husband, Alex Fine. - Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Hours after the release of the video, Alex took to Instagram to share a letter he said he wrote "awhile back" that concisely began with the statement: "Men who hit women aren't men."  

"Men who enable it and protect those people aren't men," the message reads. "As men violence against women shouldn't be inevitable, check your brothers, your friends, and your family. Our daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives should feel protected and loved. Hold the women in your life with the [utmost] regard. Men who hurt women hate women. To all the survivors, find the men and women who help and love."

Fine continued: "To all the survivors, your stories are real, and people believe you. To all the survivors you're not alone, and there are men and women who care only for your well being and safety. We want you to succeed and flourish. To all the women and children, I'm sorry you live in a world where you're not protected, and you don't feel equal. I want to raise my daughters in a world where they are safe and loved."

Cassie Ventura, wearing Romeo Hunte, on Dec. 15, 2022 in New York City. - Gettu

Cassie met Alex, a personal trainer, not long after she broke up with Diddy. They tied the knot on Aug. 28, 2019. Then, nearly a month later on Sept. 24, Cassie said she found out she was pregnant with Frankie. 

For their very first Father's Day in June 2020, Cassie took to Instagram and shared in a sweet carousel post what makes Alex so special.

"Happy First Father’s Day to my best friend, my love, my husband. It’s been the greatest joy and experience to be able to see you become the absolute best Daddy to Frankie," Cassie wrote at the time. "You are so caring, loving and kind and I couldn't have even dreamed of having a partner as amazing as you. Frankie and I are so lucky to have you!! Thank you for loving us and protecting us the way that you do. We love you sooooo very much and we celebrate you everyday!"

On their one-year wedding anniversary, Cassie paid tribute to the man in her life who rocked her world in more ways than one.

"It's hard to believe that a year has gone by. It feels like a minute, but it also feels like I've known you forever," Cassie wrote on an Instagram post to a video capturing their wedding day. "I love you beyond what my wildest dreams could have ever measured. You and Frankie are my world! I can’t wait for this day every year!"

Then, in December 2020, Cassie shared she was expecting baby No. 2. While basking in motherhood, Cassie's adoration for Alex continued to triumph, and it's easy to understand why. She's actively exclaimed on social media why she feels the way she does. Like on his birthday in March 2021, Cassie shared what life's been like with Alex since they first met.

"Since I've met you it's been nonstop laughter and love. You've helped teach me not to take myself too seriously and just enjoy the moment and for that I am forever grateful," she wrote. "I promise to always kiss my lip gloss on you and make you laugh. Thank you for making me a Mama and being the best Dada. I can't believe we’re about to do it again! Shit is so real!"

Cassie Ventura at a party on Sept. 16, 2018 in London, England. - Getty

On March 22, 2021, the couple welcomed Sunny into the world, and that's when Cassie said "our hearts got bigger."

To celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary last year, Cassie once again took to Instagram "to make sure I showed ALL MY LOVE to this man! My husband!"

"There's no one like you in this world. You have the biggest heart and the funniest sense of humor, your curiosity about life still surprises me and warms my heart everyday," she wrote in her caption. "I grow more and more and more and more in love with you as time goes on and I wouldn't want it any other way. Most important of all, you're the only person that can actually make me laugh until I pee my pants - that says a lot. Thank you for loving me the way you do."

Cassie's love story is one for the ages. A story she succinctly surmised in a January 2021 post: "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."