Ayesha Curry Shares How Her Fourth Pregnancy With Steph Curry Is Different From the Others (Exclusive)

The couple announced their baby on the way earlier this month.

Ayesha Curry is loving pregnancy her fourth time around. ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the 34-year-old actress ahead of the arrival of her and husband Steph Curry's fourth child, and Ayesha explained why this pregnancy has been different than her past three.

"Interestingly enough, I love being a little bit older and having this experience," Ayesha told ET. "I feel like there's so much more gratitude that I'm experiencing and just every little thing is so special. I'm just in a space mentally where I'm more appreciative, and so it's just been [an] entirely different experience."

Ayesha and Steph, who tied the knot in 2011, are parents to Riley, 11, Ryan, 8, and Cannon, 5. The cookbook author announced her baby on the way earlier this month by posing for the cover of Sweet July Magazine's first digital issue.

In the accompanying interview, Ayesha said that, though she and Steph "thought we were done" after welcoming their third child, the couple decided they wanted a fourth last year. This time around, Ayesha "made it a point not to be hard on myself" and to give herself "grace."

"I was really stubborn in my earlier pregnancies. And that hurt me in the end. It made things really hard on me," she said. "I had to learn to put my pride aside and realize it was OK to take help, to have people around me help and to not shy away from."

While the Currys wait for their bundle of joy to arrive, Ayesha is busy promoting her Netflix romcom Irish Wish, which she stars in alongside Lindsay Lohan

"It was insane," Ayesha told ET of filming the project in Ireland. "We got to see the most incredible views, so much history. The people there are incredible, just vibrant and warm and just so proud of where they live. It's just a special place."

Irish Wish premieres March 15 on Netflix. 



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