Carey Mulligan Has the Best Reaction When Asked About Her Kids' Future in Hollywood (Exclusive)

The actress shares three kids with her husband, Marcus Mumford.

Carey Mulligan isn't so sure about her kids pursuing a career in acting. ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke with the 38-year-old actress at the red carpet screening of her new movie, Spaceman, and she had the best reaction when asked about the possibility of her kids joining the business.

The topic came up as ET noted to Mulligan that her Maestro co-star, Bradley Cooper, tapped his daughter for a role in the film, just as her Spaceman co-star, Adam Sandler, did with his daughter for the Netflix project.

So how would Mulligan feel should the kids she shares with husband Marcus Mumford want to join the industry? "Aye, yai yai." The couple, who tied the knot in 2012, shares three kids: Evelyn, 8, Wilfred, 6, and a daughter whose arrival was announced in October 2023.

While she's not sure about her kids joining her onscreen, Mulligan said she'd been more than happy to co-star alongside Sandler again after her Spaceman experience.

"Yes, please!" she exclaimed. "I love him. I mean, I loved him forever as an actor, but just as a person as well. You spend time with him [and] he's the best. And the humility that's not fake actor humility, like, actual humility. I just love him."

As fans wait for a potential reunion between Mulligan and Sandler, the actress is gearing up to attend the Oscars as she's nominated for Actress in a Leading Role for her performance as Felicia in Maestro.

"I'm just so excited. It's so nice. It's going to be amazing," Mulligan said of Oscars night, before teasing what fans can expect from her dress. "I have it picked out. I've tried it on once. I'm trying it on again before, obviously...  It's in keeping with a lot of other things. There's been the odd nod to Maestro and things that Felicia may have worn."

Spaceman is now streaming on Netflix.



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