Drew Barrymore Reveals the Movies She Keeps Pitching to Do With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (Exclusive)

'The Drew Barrymore Show' host wants to do movies with her famous friends.

Drew Barrymore wants to team up with some of her good friends. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to The Drew Barrymore Show host in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and she revealed that she's trying to get Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to do a movie with her.

Barrymore previously teamed up with Sandler for The Wedding Singer (1998), 50 First Dates (2004), and Blended (2014), while the actor has starred alongside Aniston in Just Go With It (2011), Murder Mystery (2019), and Murder Mystery 2 (2023). As for Barrymore and Aniston, they both appeared in He's Just Not That Into You in 2009.

"We're so close. We text all the time. We see each other. We text," Barrymore told ET of herself and Sandler. "I'm so busy talking to him and Jennifer Aniston about doing a threefer, if you will. I really want to make it happen. Timing is everything."

When it comes to the movie she wants to make with her pals, Barrymore revealed, "I keep pitching Death Becomes Her. We've talked about Three's Company. Maybe it's something original. I don't know. There's lots of fun ideas."

"You know, when you wish for something so much you don't even care if saying it out loud will jinx it? You're like, 'I don't even care. I'm just gonna say it. It's too fun to dream about,'" she said. "We're all producers, so we have all companies. We can make this happen. I think it's a matter of timing."

Until that comes to fruition, fans can revisit the trio's past films, including 50 First Dates, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this month. Barrymore recently did just that, watching the flick for the first time since it was released. ET extended the joy that rewatching the flick gave Barrymore by showing her footage from the 50 First Dates media tour all those years ago.

"Oh my God. Can you send me that? Because I need to text it to Sandler today, so we can both trip out," she said. "We look so healthy, young and virile."

However, this weekend, instead of watching her old flicks, Barrymore will be tuning into Super Bowl LVIII to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. Though she considers herself "a huge football fan," Barrymore said that, this year, she's focusing her energy on rooting for "the love story" between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

"She's brought football for dads and daughters to bond with. There are good things that are coming out of this, and there's a love story at the center of this game, and that's exciting. I would call that a win-win," she said. "... We need something good. We need positive things. The whole world needs a hug. We can live vicariously through some joy."



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