Drew Scott Shares How He Celebrated Son Parker's First Birthday and Praises 'Amazing' Wife Linda (Exclusive)

Drew Scott and Linda
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for WE

The 'HGTV' star also praised his 'amazing' wife, Linda.

Drew Scott is loving life as a dad! In an interview with ET, the HGTV star gushes over his son, Parker, and reveals how he and his wife, Linda Phan, celebrated the tot's first birthday.

"He is amazing. He turned one," Drew tells ET's Cassie DiLaura. "... Everyone came together, hanging out... We did a Parker PJ picnic... We all wore PJs and hung out. He's a sweetheart."

Drew additionally shares that Parker is "right on the verge of walking any day now," and is also developing his vocabulary.

"If he wants to be held he says, 'Mama, mama, mama.' If he's just being goofy or silly he says, 'Da da da,'" Drew says. "And then when he see our dad, he goes, 'Pa pa pa.'"

"And then when he sees me, he's confused as to why Dad shaved," Drew's twin brother, Jonathan Scott, quips.

As for his favorite part of fatherhood, Drew says it's "seeing someone who's seeing things for the first time and experiencing doing things for the first time."

"It's pretty cool," he gushes. "... It's a whole other side to your heart that opens up and expands. I'm like the Grinch, I'm growing."

Helping along that growth journey is Linda, Drew's wife of five years, whom he calls "the most amazing mom."

"It is fun raising a child... We've now done 630 renovations for families on our show the last 13 years," Drew says of his and Jonathan's show, Property Brothers. "But I'm like, 'How am I gonna have time to be a dad to be there?' You find the time. You make the time. It really is amazing to see this little thing that came from us grow."

In addition to Property Brothers, the twins lead Celebrity IOU, HGTV's hit series that sees A-listers give back with stunning renovations. The show's upcoming sixth season will see stars including Heidi Klum, Jay Leno and Kristin Davis tackle new projects.

The season will open with the supermodel, whom Jonathan says "is all about getting hands on." Later on in the season, Jay will get his hands dirty, despite being injured at the time.

"Jay had that accident, he had the burn on his face and then he had a motorcycle accident where he broke his collarbone, his ribs, he busted his knee, and then a couple of days later, he was with us doing demolition on this house," Drew says. "He's like, 'We can't slow down,' because it's a nursery for this family he wants to give back to."

As for the most emotional celeb of the season, Drew points to Kristin, who chose to give back to a fellow single mom.

"She was working three or four jobs to make ends meet, but she didn't put anything into herself or the house that wasn't functional for the family. They didn't have air conditioning in their house," Drew says. "... Kristin came in with us, we revamped the whole space, gave them an incredible entertaining space."

For the brothers, Drew says "there's nothing that compares to when you see how this is gonna change the lives for these families and also with all the celebrities."

"They're not just handing over money and saying, 'Make this pretty.' They're in there with their own hands doing things they've never done before, or that they're not comfortable with, but they're still doing it," Drew adds, before Jonathan notes that they "get nonstop" requests from stars who want to give back.

"Every time we wrap a season we're like, 'This is incredible. How does it get any better?' [And then] we'll get a text and it'll say, 'So and so wants to do this,'" Jonathan says. "You have Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, all of these incredible talents who want to be part of this giving back. We have the best job in the world."

Season 6 of Celebrity IOU premieres Monday, May 15, on HGTV. For a closer look at the brothers' beautiful CIOU design transformations, visit www.DrewandJonathan.com.

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