J Balvin Recalls Blue Ivy 'Jamming' to 'Mi Gente' and Getting Beyoncé on the Remix

The reggaetonero also talked about his desire to work with Drake.

J Balvin can thank Blue Ivy for getting the chance to work with Beyoncé. The reggaetonero was a guest on DJ Khaled's Amazon Music podcast, The First One, this week, where he recalled the singer's daughter "jamming" out to his song, "Mi Gente," and then reaching out to work with Queen Bey.

"Her daughter was just like jamming and jamming to 'Mi Gente,'" Balvin shared. "So I received a call from my friend, Melissa, who told me, 'The only thing I hear in this house or everywhere we go is 'Mi Gente' because Blue is just like in love with the song.'"

"So Beyoncé was always jamming to it and JAY-Z was always jamming to it," he continued. "So I said, if Beyoncé’s daughter loves it, why don’t you tell her if she wants to jump on the remix? The worst she can say is no, right?"

After Balvin's friend asked, he was told that Beyoncé was "super down."

"I'm never gonna forget that because then we performed that at Coachella. On her very first show at Coachella," he marveled, adding, "When I was recording this song, I already knew it was going to be a global hit...I really felt it inside of me."

Bey hopped on the remix in September 2017, with the song's proceeds at the time benefiting earthquake and hurricane relief. The two performed the mega-hit during her second headlining performance at Coachella in April 2018.

Balvin told ET at the 2018 Latin GRAMMYs a few months later that performing with Beyoncé at Coachella had been "a blessing."

"Her team is so cool with me. I got a lot of love for them," he expressed.

Meanwhile, during his conversation with Khalid, he also shared his interest in working with Drake.

“The only guy that I haven't met, man, what's up. Never met him. Never in my life. And I'm his biggest fan," Balvin expressed. "Drake! I DM you. I haven't heard [from] you. I hit Scooter Braun. He's my manager. We haven't heard from you. We need you, bro."

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