Jake Paul Wants to 'Avenge' Brother Logan in New Fight Against KSI

See the younger Paul brother's post-fight statement.

Jake Paul is ready to fight for his brother, Logan Paul's, honor.

On Saturday night, after Olajide "KSI" Olatunji defeated Logan in their highly-publicized boxing match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Jake shared a lengthy post on social media in which he hinted that it's just a matter of time before he enters the ring to square off against KSI himself.

"I want to purposefully start by congratulating KSI for the victory.. I've gained a level of respect for you tonight that I didn't have before," Jake began. "Although I don't & many people don't agree with the decision that was made…it is what it is."

"My brother won that fight and is clearly the better boxer," the 22-year-old later added. "KSI was SAVED with the decision the referee made…over a minute to recover in the corner after being knocked down? Insane," he added, referring to the two points that his brother was docked after hitting behind KSI's head in the fourth round, which heavily affected the final count.

Jake then declared his intention to fight KSI himself. "I cannot wait for my opportunity to fight KSI and the stepping stones to get there," he wrote. "I don't want to throw my brother under the bus but he isn't a killer like me… I was the kid in high school getting into street fights for no reason.. I'm a natural born fighter with a lot of pain built up inside of me that I LOVE to unleash."

"I KNOW this sport is for me and WILL avenge my brother," he promised. "Thank you all for tonight and the support ya'll give us.. i can't thank you enough."

Last week, ET spoke with KSI about the prospect of fighting Jake.

"I'd love to, but I think Gib is going to have to finish him off," KSI stated, referencing fellow YouTube star and pal AnEsonGib, who has had some bad blood with Jake in the past, even charging him during a previous press conference for Saturday's match.

ET also spoke with Logan on Thursday, where also discussed Jake possibly fighting KSI at some point.

"I don't think KSI will take the fight. I don't think so because I'm gonna beat KSI," he said at the time. "Can you imagine if he takes the fight against Jake and loses that too? I mean, talk about career ending. Goodbye forever. Good riddance... I think KSI will be too scared." 

Logan also discussed how getting into boxing changed the trajectory of his career, stating,"The narrative for the first fight was KSI saved my career, and I don't know if that's true 100 percent, but there's some merit in that. He definitely helped me come out of the trench I was in, post-Tokyo."

He was referencing the controversy sparked by him posting a video from Japan's "suicide forest." Logan added, "In exchange, yeah, KSI has now become a global name. ... I definitely made him relevant outside of the UK, because before that, I don't think if you lived outside of the UK, you knew who he was."

Following the big fight, Logan also shared a post expressing his respect for KSI while also teasing that he wants another fight with the British vlogger. He wrote alongside a photo of him and KSI looking friendly in the ring after his defeat: "Congrats you tough a** conquering a** mother**ker. You gave it everything. We put on a good show and I'll love you forever even if we do a rematch."


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