Logan Paul Shares How Boxing Has Helped Him Turn His Life Around (Exclusive)

The YouTuber previews his upcoming fight against KSI.

Win or lose, Logan Paul is "incredibly grateful" for what boxing has done for his life. 

ET's Denny Directo spoke with the YouTuber at TAO Hollywood on Thursday, where he previewed his upcoming fight against KSI, and opened up about how boxing turned his life around. 

"The narrative for the first fight was KSI saved my career, and I don't know if that's true 100 percent, but there's some merit in that. He definitely helped me come out of the trench I was in, post-Tokyo," Paul noted, referring to the controversy sparked by him posting a video from Japan's "suicide forest." "In exchange, yeah, KSI has now become a global name. ... I definitely made him relevant outside of the UK, because before that, I don't think if you lived outside of the UK, you knew who he was."

KSI has said that when he beats Paul in their upcoming fight, it'll end his career -- but Paul isn't sweating it (and not just because he's positive he'll win). "As far as ending a career, I think it's pretty obvious, if my career was going to end, it would have ended already," he shared. "I'm so sorry, the window has passed."

Paul has sparked backlash and outrage online several times over the past few years. A year after his video from Japan, he shared on his podcast that he decided to "go gay" for a month. His younger brother, Jake (who has also experienced his fair share of controversy) recently posted on Instagram that he expects his older brother to "show the world on behalf of our family that nothing can stop what we set out to accomplish and that we have the best fans and support system in the world." 

"Our name, because of ourselves, has been riddled with X, Y and Z, negatively, mostly. So, this is a challenge for me to overcome... but also to put some respect on our family name," Paul told ET. "We've done some dumb sh*t. We've also done a lot of good sh*t, and I think if we can shift the narrative and get the haters to cool off a little bit and join the team, this will be a good start for that."

The 24-year-old says he took his first fight against KSO "for selfish reasons." "I took the fight because I knew boxing would change me. Like, hitting people and getting hit in the face everyday and working hard and working on your body, it changes who you are, and last year, I was just down to try stuff. Post-Tokyo, I needed something in my life to change, and boxing was that outlet for me," he revealed. 

"It's so crazy because you see all the boxing movies and how they're hella inspirational, motivational, and after you watch Rocky, you want to run 50 miles, and doing that in real life, there is a massive impact. It changed the psyche of who I am," he continued. "It changed the future of Logan Paul, and for that, I'm incredibly grateful." 

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 will stream exclusively on dazn.com on Saturday, Nov. 9. "I think it would be a little inhuman if I didn't feel any butterflies before, but now it's a calm confidence. I am a different fighter than I was last year. And I'm not really guessing anymore. I'm going in there knowing I can do some serious damage, and unfortunately KSI is going to feel that," Paul said.

"I just got this brand new six-pack. I've never had a six-pack! Like, I'm so proud of myself. It's brand new, so I feel great," added the YouTuber, who has been training hard with Shannon Briggs. "I got the two-time Heavyweight Champion of the world just making me download 35 years of boxing experience."

In addition to his family, Paul will have Justin Bieber in his corner on Saturday -- but he's not walking out to a song by J.Biebs. "I already picked my song. ...It's the opening to The Purge," he shared. "I'm just trying to terrify everyone in the stadium." 

As for whether there's more fights in his future, Paul's ready to rack up the opponents. "I believe I've gotten too good at this sport to not do something with this skill set," he declared. 

See what KSI told ET about his fight against Paul in the video below.


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