James Charles Uses 'Facts and Receipts' in New Video to Address Claims Tati Westbrook Made Against Him

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One week after James Charles and Tati Westbrook's fallout, the 19-year-old beauty expert is clearing things up on his end -- and sharing "facts and receipts."  

In a new 40-minute video titled "No More Lies" posted on Saturday, Charles begins by saying he didn't expect his and Westbrook's YouTube feud to get so much attention. Last week, the 37-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber posted a video called "BYE SISTER" in which she claimed that Charles backstabbed her, stole her ideas and also accused him of sexually manipulating men and threatening to ruin them.

Charles then posted a tearful apology video, but the famous beauty vlogger ended up losing over three million subscribers and business deals.  

"Before I say anything at all in this video, I want to make it very, very clear that everything I said in that video in regards to my sentiments towards Tati and my apology, I stand behind 100 percent and still reigns true," Charles states in his new video.

He continues by thanking Westbrook for her second video, "Why I Did It," and Jeffree Star -- who also commented on the feud on his social media -- for owning up and taking part of the responsibility for "blowing this thing up" and redirecting the hate away. Telling his fans that after Westbrook and Star's comments he was in a very dark place, he says he wants to address all the allegations made against him.

"But in Tati's second video and Jeffree's Snapchats, they both said that they stand behind everything that they mentioned and unfortunately there have been allegations made against me because of these things and I don’t really feel comfortable just 'moving on' from those," he explains, before breaking it all down.

He begins from the very beginning from the weekend he went to Coachella and met people from Sugarbear, who later worked with him for a vitamin deal, which would be a competitor to Westbrook's brand. He shows personal texts, shares video clips, and shares his side of every single claim that Westbrook and Star made against him. 

Charles also touches on Westbrook's claims that he sexually manipulates men, by saying, "I have never and would never and will never use my fame, money or power to manipulate or get any sexual action from a guy. That is disgusting and blows my mind. And the fact that Tati brought this up blow my mind because she knows the real story."

He goes on to share some details about his encounter with men, including waiter Sam Cooke. The beauty expert also touches on Zara Larsson calling him out for direct messaging her boyfriend, claims that he goes after straight men, the texts he sent Star and many other topics. 

"All these things are just so false and so fake and it's truly disgusting," he says. "I've dealt with so many fake stories in the past... I'm done being the subject of these bandwagon stories for likes."

He concludes by explaining that he chose to publicly address this situation instead of privately because it has all played out online.

"I still have love for these people and I hope that one day we all can sit down together in a meeting for closure, and also to discuss how in the future if problems do come up we can talk in private, only us involved," he expresses. "But right now, I just need time and space to kind of get my head back to where it needs to be and get my mental health back together before I, kind of, rekindle those friendships because everything that happened still really, really hurt."

See more on the Charles and Westbrook fallout in the video below.


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