James Corden Praised as 'True Gentleman' After He's Seen in Heated Discussion With Airline Employees

Eyewitnesses tell ET that James Corden was a 'true gentleman' after his flight experienced an emergency landing.

James Corden is being hailed as a voice of reason and compassion after eyewitnesses on a tumultuous British Airways flight from Portugal commended the former Late Late Show host's comportment during the harrowing ordeal.

Photographs emerged on Sunday showing a visibly upset Corden speaking to airline staff after the plane from Faro, Portugal, to London's Heathrow Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Lisbon due to a mechanical issue.

Given Corden's past reputation for alleged rude behavior toward staff, some may have assumed the actor was causing a scene. However, eyewitness accounts suggest the exact opposite.

James Corden - BACKGRID

Eyewitnesses tell ET, "James was not the only person who was upset about the flight. He was nothing but a true gentleman to other passengers. James spoke to everyone and spent time with them."

They continue, "He took selfies with people and chatted with them to kill the time. It was chaotic and a traumatic experience for many, but the crew and flight crew were helpful in this distressing time."

Passenger Vanessa, who was on the same flight, told Metro what happened on the plane, saying, "It was something along the lines of, Gather your possessions as best you can, take off your shoes, and when you’re told to by the airplane staff, please adopt the brace position and when we land if you’re able, please find your nearest emergency exit and vacate the plane."

However, the crew later informed passengers they no longer needed to brace. Despite this, the plane remained grounded on the tarmac in Lisbon for three hours before ultimately being deemed unsafe for further flight and taken out of service.

The next day, when the exhausted passengers returned for their rescheduled flight, Vanessa said Corden was again a "lovely guy," allowing women and children to go ahead of him in the queue.