Jamie Lee Curtis on Saying Goodbye to Her 'Halloween' Character Laurie Strode After Decades (Exclusive)

The actress said farewell to Laurie after wrapping 'Halloween Ends.'

It’s been a long, bloody road for Laurie Strode. After several decades, Jamie Lee Curtis is saying goodbye to the beloved character with the release of Halloween Ends.

“It’s very emotional,” Curtis tells ET. “I said a farewell to a group of people that I've made three movies with. I've said farewell to a woman who I've inhabited for 44 years.”  

Curtis has played Laurie -- Michael Myers’ number one nemesis -- since the franchise made its debut in 1978. 

“I mean, it's so cray cray for me,” she says. “The privilege of that and the honoring of Lauri Strode and her journey has been very emotional, very painful and satisfying because a whole new group of people are on the ride.”  

Laurie and Michael, along with some of the franchise’s other original characters, went head-to-head again in 2021’s Halloween Kills, and Curtis believes that Laurie surviving the long-standing feud between her and the knife-wielding slasher is a big part of the franchise's success.  

“It’s because of her,” she adds. “She and Michael are good versus evil. I think everybody in the world, we're seeing a lot of evil today in the world.” 

In place of all of the bad, though, Curtis is keeping up with her long-standing partnership with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and participating in the 7th annual Make March Matter campaign. The actress is this year's spokesperson for the campaign. 

“I'm born and raised in the City of Angels. The city of Los Angeles is coming together as a community to Make March Matter for Children's Hospital Los Angeles,” she says about the campaign.  

“It allows businesses and individuals to come together to donate money to Children's Hospital Los Angeles so everything from Panda Express, Porto's, Randy's Donuts. Everybody wakes up in the morning and says, 'How can I make a difference to the world?’ And people feel like they can't really participate. This is a great way when a community comes together, it changes the city that we're in.” 

She continues, “The worst words in the world are a sick child. Sick children are words that shouldn't go together and yet sadly they do. I think everybody can relate to the fact that they've known someone who has a sick child. I love the idea that there's an institution that will treat that child regardless of their ability to pay.” 

Curtis’ philanthropic work is making its way to Bravo for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 63-year-old actress reveals that she will be joining her co-star, Kyle Richards, on an upcoming episode.  

“I am a guest on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and In My Hand and Yours,” she reveals. 

“I made an appearance and I went and spent the afternoon with the ladies and we had some fun. Kyle Richards is grounded and sweet and smart and funny and a girl from L.A., born and raised here. She's dedicated to Children’s Hospital, she's a huge supporter. She and her husband have been founding super supporters for a long time. I think she's amazing and all those ladies were really funny.”