Jamie Lynn Spears Celebrates Daughter Maddie's First Day of High School With a Side-by-Side Flashback

"Time literally flies by," Jamie Lynn posted to Instagram.

Don't blink! Jamie Lynn Spears is reflecting on how quickly time passes while celebrating a new milestone for her 14-year-old daughter, Maddie: starting high school! 

"Anddd just like that, my baby’s in high school👩🏼‍🏫📚✏️😭" Jamie Lynn posted on Instagram, sharing a carousel of photos of the teen posing with one of her friends in black polos, khaki skirts and white sneakers. "Swipe to see how time literally flies by," she added. "Don’t take a second of it for granted." The final photo in the post is of a baby-faced Maddie, presumably on her first day of Kindergarten. 

Maddie has come a long way from her terrifying ATV accident in 2017, which left her submerged in a pond on the family property for two minutes and resulted in hospitalization. At the time, Jamie Lynn called the situation "a mother's/anyone's worst nightmare." Maddie, 8 at the time, quickly made a miraculous recovery.

The former Nickelodeon star previously opened up about becoming a teen mom to Maddie when she was only 17 in a 2016 sit-down with ET

"I would be lying if I said if I didn't miss out on what normal teenagers do, of course," she confessed. "But I don't need pity for that. It's a situation that I put myself in and it's called being responsible. You have to be an adult, there is no sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself."

Having lived out the highs and lows of the whole family's personal lives in the glaring spotlight, Britney Spears' kid sister pondered what she'd do differently for her own children. In addition to Maddie, Jamie Lynn is now also mom to daughter Ivey, 4. 

"Truthfully, my childhood was so fun. Everything was new and everything was like Christmas, because we were just from this small town and my sister had amazing success. It was so amazing to see my sister reach such heights," she continued. "I think that with all that good, you don't expect the negative side. And I think, for me, it was just that I couldn't believe people can ever be so negative."

In the last year, Jamie Lynn found herself engulfed in negative family drama amid Britney's high profile conservatorship legal battle and a public feud with her sister.

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