Janet Jackson Reveals Her Son's Favorite Disney Movie (Exclusive)

The iconic singer accepted her Radio Disney Music Awards' Impact Award and opened up about her love for all things Disney.

Janet Jackson and her son, Eissa, are big Disney fans, and the singer says they both have the same favorite movie.

Janet Jackson stopped by Radio Disney on Thursday, Aug. 23rd, to receive her Radio Disney Music Awards Impact Award, and the "Rhythm Nation" artist opened up about bonding together over this Disney-Pixar classic The Incredibles.

"My favorite Disney movie, I have to say, it’s what I just watched with my son on the flight here," Jackson said. "We didn’t have the headphones on or anything and he was cracking up the entire time and that’s what really made it my favorite."

"He was laughing in my lap the whole the whole flight watching it," she added.

While chatting with Radio Disney, Jackson also opened up about her dream collaboration, which happens to be with Bruno Mars.

"Bruno and I, for a while actually, we’ve talked about doing something together, so we’ll see," Jackson shared. "I know there’s this rumor going around that we have [already collaborated] and we haven’t. But every time we see each other we still talk about it."

The singer added, "We both want to do something together so it’s really a matter of finding the time to get together and create something, something that we both feel is a part of us and that connects to both of us."

Jackson is the first-ever recipient of the Radio Disney Music Awards' Impact Award, and the pop culture icon gushed that the honor is "special for me on so many different levels," and special for her 1-year-old son.

Radio Disney

"Disney is very special for me... and just to have an award named after you, and to know that Disney is embracing what you do and what you’ve done and what it means for others coming up behind me and for the Disney viewers and listeners, It’s very special," Jackson said.

For Jackson, inspiring the next generation of artists is something she clearly feels strongly about, and the songstress shared some words of wisdom and advice for those looking to make their way in the music industry.

"Never lose sight of your dreams, first and foremost," Jackson said. "Keep God in your heart. That’s important. [And] to stay grounded. That’s important… I started out when I was seven in the industry [and] I think it’s important to still make sure you listen to your mama, you listen to your parents. Stay focused."

"Make sure you keep time to not just your work but be a kid and enjoy the things in life that kids do enjoy," she added. "Be with your friends. Enjoy yourself."




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