Jared Padalecki Says He's 'On The Mend' After Car Accident News

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Jared Padalecki is pulling through. The 39-year-old actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank fans for their support and give an update on how he was doing following news that he was involved in a bad car accident.

"Hey y’all! I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love," Padalecki wrote alongside a photo of himself with his daughter. "I’m definitely on the mend and hoping to return to filming later this week." 

"I’m so lucky to have had the best care and be surrounded by people who love me," he added, tagging his wife, Genevieve. "So grateful for everyone🙏."

Genevieve -- who earlier in the day posted a photo of their dog saying the furry companion was the best medicine -- later shared her husband's post to her Instagram Stories. The couple tied the knot in 2010 and share three kids: Thomas, 10, Austin "Shep", 8, and Odette, 5.

After Padalecki took to Twitter over the weekend revealing he would be missing Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural Official Conventions fan event in New Jersey on Sunday, his close friend and longtime Supernatural co-star, Jensen Ackles, confirmed that it was due to his involvement in a car accident.

"He was in a very bad car accident," Ackles said of his on-screen brother. "He wasn’t driving. He was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive.”

“He’s at home recovering, which -- the fact that he’s not even in the hospital right now is, like, blowing my mind because I saw the car,” Ackles shared. "That airbag packs a punch. He's like, 'I feel like I went 12 rounds with Tyson.' But he is doing OK, and he’s moving around. But yeah, [it was a] really, really bad car accident. Just keep him in your thoughts, send him some love if you get a chance on social and he’ll be back with us soon."


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