Jason Momoa Gushes Over Playing a 'Family Man' for the First Time in 'See' (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Momoa at the premiere for the third and final season of the Apple TV+ series Tuesday.

Jason Momoa is one proud papa, both on and off set. ET's Lauren Zima spoke to Momoa Tuesday night at the premiere for the third and final season of his Apple TV+ series, See, where he gushed over the opportunity to play a dad in a series for the first time.

"I mean, obviously I'm a father, and family man," Momoa -- who shares 15-year-old Lola and 13-year-old Nakoa-Wolf with ex, Lisa Bonet -- began. "I didn't have the opportunity to play a dad in a series before...I love having a full arc. It's not just killed off in the first season, or it just doesn't end properly."

"It's nice that it's three seasons, and it's catered to the final chapter, where you get to go through everything and see what happens, and it was intended that way," he added.

In See, Momoa plays Baba Voss, a fearless warrior and the leader of the Alkenny Tribe, who was born without the sense of sight -- the standard for his tribe. In a constant battle for his family and his children, Kofun and Haniwa, who were born with the now-dormant sense of sight, Momoa was tasked to act out action-packed battle scenes that he was only able to describe with one word: "Ow."

"I watched them and I'm like, 'Ow. That's why it hurt. Ow,'" Momoa revealed. "And you look back going like, 'I would never do that again.' And sure enough, I do it again.'"

Though the sci-fi series is coming to an end, the action continues for Momoa who is playing the villain in the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious saga. While he wasn't able to say much, the 43-year-old Dune actor said the character is unlike anything he's played before.

"I've never played a character that, what's the word -- he's evil and quirky and androgynous," he explained. "He's very sadistic and fun. It's very bizarre."

For Momoa, who hasn't played a villain in a "very, very long time," the role was a fun one to play.

Where Aquaman 2 is concerned, Momoa promises more action, pain and a lot of laughs.

"It's just laughs....me and Patrick [Wilson], it's a bit of a brother's journey, and so, it's a lot of funny stuff," Momoa shared. "And there's a lot of stuff that's just what's going on in our environment, talking about climate change and just hitting on certain things that I wanted to hit on."

"It's a lot of laughs," he continued. "And also, a lot of pain. So, just wonderful action to the next level."

For the latest action-packed Momoa role, check out See when season 3 hits Apple TV+ August 26.