Jason Momoa Strips Down in Late-Night Interview to Perform 'Sexy' Tasks

The action star poured hand sanitizer on himself and ironed a shirt all while going shirtless.

Jason Momoa knows how to heat up a virtual interview! The 41-year-old Aquaman actor appeared on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host Anthony Anderson. 

During the interview, Momoa participated in a sketch in which he was supposed to make everyday activities look sexy. Right off the bat, the action star decided to up his game, stripping his shirt off while on camera. 

"I know that the studio didn't want me to take my clothes off, but we're going to take my clothes off," Momoa said, prompting Anderson to get in on the fun, taking off his own suit jacket, tie, and shirt. 

The first task for Momoa was to sanitize himself. 

"Normally I like to squirt it all over my chest," he quipped, dousing himself with the sanitizer. "Sometimes I like to rub it all over my face because it will kill 99.99 percent of things." 

He also opened a can of tuna with his bicep, pouring the juice into his mouth and down his chest. Then Momoa was tasked with ironing a shirt. 

"When I iron shirts I like to get a little baby oil and rub that all over me first," he joked. "This is about that long stroke."

Anderson ended the segment by teasing, "Jason, congratulations and thank you for gracing America with your nipples."

"You're welcome, America," replied the Game of Thrones star, who was also promoting his new Netflix movie, Sweet Girl, out Aug. 20. 

Momoa is currently in Canada filming the second season of his Apple TV+ show, See, but he's also getting ready to film Aquaman 2. The DC star admitted that he isn't quite in superhero shape. 

"I haven't had a chance to work out as much as I should. I'm flying out pretty soon. I'll pull it together," he told Anderson, noting that he doesn't go to the gym. "I like doing rock climbing and surfing and there's no surfing here. I do it when the time's right." 


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