Jeannie Mai on 'The Real's Future Amid Coronavirus Pandemic and How She's Quarantining With Jeezy (Exclusive)

The TV personality also opens up to ET about how she's trying to stop the spread of the disease.

Luckily for the cast and crew of The Real, the coronavirus outbreak coincided with their hiatus. 

During an interview with ET's Katie Krause on Monday, The Real's Jeannie Mai opened up about how she and her co-hosts are doing amid the pandemic -- and when fans might see new episodes of the talk show on their TVs again. 

"All of us ladies are on hiatus, so it's not affecting so much right now," Mai said. "But it's so important to have social media to keep in touch with our fans. I love that our show is meant to entertain and educate and also just enlighten people. We're silly, we're fun and we're passionate, and so the show going on everyday helps for people to just take their minds off things." 

The TV personality noted she's "blessed for now" with the timing of things, but isn't sure when the talk show will "come back." Many television shows and movies shut down production earlier this month as a precaution against spreading coronavirus, with the CDC advising against gatherings of groups more than 50. Awards shows and festivals set for as late as June have been canceled. 

"We don't know if we can shoot again. We don't know if we could have a live audience. Why should we be able to when everything is quarantined? That wouldn't be safe," Mai shared. 

"It could be months," she continued. "We're due to come back mid-April, but at this point, nobody is doing anything until we know that America is safe, until we know that America is healed... that's our focus for right now." 

In the meantime, Mai is recording her other projects -- including her podcast, Listen Hunnay -- from home. She's also enjoying seeing fellow celebs show off how they're self-isolating on social media.

"I am in love with the families that are getting together shooting videos. I'm in love with these stories," she raved. "Every celebrity I'm learning something I never thought before... Even Ellen [DeGeneres] freaked out laying on her couch, calling Chrissy Teigen like, a mess. I love it! I think it's awesome."

The fashionista is also keeping herself entertained by quarantining with her boyfriend, Jeezy. She's staying with the rapper while her mom -- as part of an at-risk population for coronavirus -- has Mai's house to herself. Mai and her mom still visit each other, but make sure they're doing it in a healthy way. Mai, her mom, and Jeezy recently made egg rolls together. 

"[Jeezy and I] looked at each other at this time of the quarantine like, 'Yup, if we can do this, we are gangster,'" she told ET. "We're [doing] amazing."  

"I'm a super introvert, meaning I love quality conversations, I love intimacy. I love thoughtful presence for one another, so this is a dream for me and it allows me to focus on way on how to support people who need it out there," Mai added, noting she's learned Jeezy is "such an inspiring person to be around." "So, we've been brainstorming ways to help the community."

The Real co-host is hoping to help senior citizens get through the pandemic, and said she's been in talks with designer Michael Costello to see how she might be able to aid in making masks to protect against the disease. 

Mai encouraged fans to see what they can do to help others -- but also noted the importance of self-care amid the pandemic. 

"It is important to take care of yourself," she expressed, advising fans not to let themselves get in a slump throughout the tough times ahead. "Make sure that you still look ready for the day, so you are ready for the day and not letting the day get ahead of you." 

See more on how celebs are self-isolating in the video below.