Jeff Goldblum on How He Convinced Steven Spielberg Not to Cut Him From 'Jurassic Park' (Exclusive)

The charming actor shares how he convinced that acclaimed filmmaker to keep him in the film.

Believe it or not, Jurassic Park almost didn’t have Dr. Ian Malcolm!

Jeff Goldblum, the actor behind the hilariously neurotic character, spoke with ET's Lauren Zima on the red carpet at Fox/FX's Emmys after-party on Monday night about a certain meeting back in the day in which he had to convince the film’s iconic director, Steven Spielberg, that the world needed Dr. Malcolm.

“When I first met Mr. Spielberg… he said, ‘You know, there’s a movie a-foot. You know, the screenplay won’t include your character from the book. So we're meeting. When you scheduled this meeting it was still in, now maybe out,” he explained, before recalling how he fought for the role. "Spielberg, Spielberg, come to your senses!' I didn’t say that but words to that effect.”

Thanks to the 65-year-old actor’s insistence, the film contains some of its most unforgettable lines (not to mention comedic relief) from the wonderfully smarmy mathematician, including the legendary line, “Life finds a way.”

Goldblum also discussed his Jurassic Park co-star, Laura Dern’s, nomination for her leading role in HBO’s The Tale.

“I saw her, yeah, I love her and am very proud," he said. "I saw her at the Calvin Kline slash Raf Simons fashion show in fashion week in New York a few nights ago.”

“Her son was walking in it,” his wife, Emilie, chimed in.

“Yeah, Ellery. Beautiful, beautiful family, beautiful son, she’s fantastic, you know,” he added.

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