Jenna Dewan and Paula Abdul Attempt to Teach 'World of Dance' Hip-Hop Group How to 'Straddle' (Exclusive)

In a sneak peek clip from Wednesday's new episode, the talented dancers give advice to the Desi Hoppers before they perform for judges.

Jenna Dewan and Paula Abdul are giving their best advice to a group of up-and-coming dancers!

In a sneak peek clip from Wednesday's all-new episode of World of Dance, the talented duo attempts to teach the hip-hop squad Desi Hoppers how to correctly "straddle" while dancing in a tight line formation.

After watching the six-member group from Mumbai, India, rehearse, Jenna and Paula give them feedback on how to improve their piece before they perform it for judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo.

"It sort of felt like you guys are trying to be a little more groovy hip-hop," Jenna explains.

"Being from Mumbai, that's your uniqueness," Paula adds. "Don't break that traditional aspect of what you're bringing that's different from everybody."

Paula then points out a section of the dance, where she suggests the group tweak their splits.

"There's one area when you guys are in the line, can you guys get in that formation?" she asks. "Who's in straddle position?" 

"You're in a straddle, so your legs are straddled," she continues, as the guys look at her a bit confused. "Everyone has to hit the same bent knee. If you're taller, you need to drop down a little lower so that you're all reading as one."

According to one of the guys from the group, they couldn't understand what Paula meant by "straddle."

"Paula kept using these terms like 'straddle,'" he explains. "We were trying to understand what she wants us to do."

"We were all inside of each other, so we couldn't hear and we couldn't see," another member adds, laughing. "It was really awkward."

Watch highlights from the funny rehearsal in the player above, and tune into World of Dance on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to see if Desi Hoppers advance to the next round!


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