Jenna Dewan Critiques Beyoncé's Early Walk: 'The Whole World Is About to Come for Me'

Jenna Dewan and Beyonce
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What's that sound? Oh, it's just the Bey Hive coming for Jenna Dewan

The 38-year-old pregnant dancer appeared on Wednesday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and was asked by a fan to share her biggest pet peeve when it comes to pop stars dancing. 

Dewan, who was rocking a bold white maternity dress with black polka dots, stood up, saying, "When they walk in heels, but they walk..." showing awkward steps, "Instead of walking through your feet."

When host Cohen asked which star was most guilty of this dance crime, Dewan replied, "Y'all are going to all kill me. But back in the day, Beyonce did that." 

She quickly added, "But now she walks perfectly through her heels. But back in the day I'd always be like, 'Why are you walking like that?'"

Looking nervous following her comment, Dewan added, "The whole world is about to come for me right now. Bey Hive, Bey Hive, I love Bey!" 

Cohen asked if Dewan, who has worked with the likes of Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, had ever worked with Beyonce. "No, but I, like, worship her. She's amazing," she replied. 

"I think the chances just went down," Cohen quipped. 

"I know, I don't think I'm being hired," Dewan agreed, making a face. 

Beyonce wasn't the only star to be critiqued by the Step Up star. In a game of "Plead the Fifth," Dewan was asked to list her World of Dance judges in order of best to worst dancer. 

"Derek [Hough] best, Jennifer [Lopez], Ne-Yo," she listed, before making an apologetic face. 

Dewan recently announced that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee.

Kazee opened up to ET about the experience, saying, "It's mind-blowing, the whole thing. Watching a child grow inside of a human has been the most amazing experience so far. It's good! I'm trying to stay calm and not panic and let it all happen."



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