Jennifer Aniston Is Casually Dating Again and Continues to Stay in Touch With Ex Brad Pitt, Source Says

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston is putting herself out there again when it comes to dating, a source tells ET.

Jennifer Aniston is putting herself out there again when it comes to dating, a source tells ET.

The actress announced her split from Justin Theroux after two years of marriage last February. Our source says that since celebrating her 50th birthday earlier this year, Aniston has been spending time with friends as much as possible -- including her beloved Friends co-stars -- who have encouraged her to start dating again.

"The support she has had from women in her life has truly helped her move on and upward and, with lots of encouragement from friends, she finally has started dating," the source tells ET. "Lisa [Kudrow] and Courteney [Cox] and Jen are really close and have encouraged her to date and get out there."

According to the source, Aniston is also friendly with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who actually made an appearance at her star-studded birthday bash in February. The two were married for for almost seven years before announcing their separation in 2007. Pitt, of course, went on to marry Angelina Jolie, though he is now currently single again after they split in September 2016.

"She continues to stay in touch with Brad and they occasionally talk," the source says of where Aniston and 55-year-old Pitt stand now. "They both have come so far."

As for Aniston's famous physique, our source says she's as fit as ever.

"She remains very into yoga and health," the source says. "Her body look better than ever before."

And when it comes to her career, Aniston is similarly showing no signs of stopping.

"Jen has a lot of upcoming projects and still hasn't slowed down when it comes to work," the source says. "She has received so many offers that it's been difficult to navigate them."

Aniston recently talked about her evolution in the spotlight when she looked back at her memorable InStyle magazine covers in honor of the magazine's 25th anniversary.

"I started to find my confidence when I was on Friends, for sure," she notes to InStyle. "In a way, being on that show was the ultimate trust exercise. There was comfort in numbers there, so we all held each other up. I miss a lot about that time. Having a job that was absolute, pure joy. I miss getting to be with people I love massively and respect beyond words. So, yes, these days I'm super nostalgic. Anything can make me go, 'Aww.'"

"I'm at a place now where I actually feel like I've grown up and entered into who I am creatively," she later continues. "It's taken me this long to know what I'm capable of. I didn't always know. I think I used to put a lot of that in the hands of other people. Now I'm taking ownership of it. And you know what? It feels really good."

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Meanwhile, Pitt isn't the only ex Aniston is still on good terms with. She recently reunited with 47-year-old Theroux to mourn the death of their dog, Dolly. Watch the video below for more:

-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz