Jennifer Coolidge Reveals She Lived With 'American Pie' Love Interest Eddie Kaye Thomas

Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jennifer Coolidge
Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

The actress lived with Eddie Kaye Thomas for a year or two.

Jennifer Coolidge is revealing her past roommate. In an interview with British GQ, the 61-year-old actress shares that she platonically lived with Eddie Kaye Thomas, her American Pie love interest, for a year or two in the early aughts.

"I wasn't the love of his life," Coolidge explains with a laugh. "He had girlfriends. My bedroom was across the hallway from his."

Coolidge starred in American Pie as Stifler's mom in the 1999 flick and its follow-up films. In an interview with Variety last year, Coolidge revealed that playing the MILF came with quite the benefits. 

"I got a lot of play of being a MILF and I got a lot of sexual action from American Pie," she said at the time. "There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean there would be, like, 200 people that I would have never slept with."

After American Pie, Coolidge's career continued rising, as the actress starred in films including Best in Show and Legally Blonde.

Her career wavered not long after though, and Coolidge tells British GQ that she "was very depressed," so much so that she nearly turned down her now Emmy-winning role in The White Lotus. In the wake of that success, though, Coolidge now has "big things happening."

"I can tell you that it’s leads and stuff," she says of the job opportunities she's now being presented with. "I wasn't being offered leads in a lot of things before."

Which of those parts she signs on for is still undisclosed, but Coolidge is excited about the prospects coming her way.

"My way of talking myself into a different job is like, well, it could be romance, or it could be, you know, a whole different group of friends," she says. "Cool things could come out of it."

Coolidge's recent success, she told ET in January, has been "the surprise of a lifetime."

"I feel so alive, you know?" she said. "You go through your life, and you sort of just assume you're used to going a certain way and you just take on whatever that baggage is and that it's never going to change... My life was changed overnight, and I could not be more grateful."