Jennifer Garner and John Miller Have Rekindled Their Romance After Splitting Last Year

Jennfier Garner and John Miller
Getty Images/Cali Group

I looks like things are heating up again for the couple after previously calling it quits.

Jennifer Garner and businessman John Miller are giving love another shot.

A source confirms to ET that the two "are seeing each other again," rekindling their romance after calling things off last year, as first reported by Us Weekly.

"John has shown Jen that he doesn't care about fame and Jen really likes that about him," the source says. "He is a down to earth, hardworking guy and they have a strong, natural connection. They relate to each other because they are both very hands-on parents who love their children very much. John has made a big effort to be in Jen's life and they're rekindling their relationship."

News first broke in October 2018 that Garner was dating Miller after finalizing her divorce from Ben Affleck. A source told ET at the time that the two had been dating for a few months after immediately hitting it off when they met through mutual friends.

In January 2019, a source told ET that Garner was getting "serious" with Miller, who is himself a dad of two children from his previous marriage.

"Jen feels so lucky to have met John and their relationship only continues to grow," the source said. "They both wanted to take it slow, but it has gotten serious and they couldn't be happier. John's been at their Palisades house so much lately. They all [John, Jen and their kids] stay up late playing board games."

Then, last May, a source told ET that the couple was spending more time together after deciding to "slow things down a bit" in December 2018. 

Their two-year relationship came to an end in mid-2020, as a source told ET in August that the two "called it quits several months ago."

"They've remained friends. They just started seeing less and less of each other and finally called it quits," the source explained. "She has nothing negative to say about John; they just seemed to drift apart. She says he was an amazing stepping stone in her life."

"Jen's focus still remains on her children, her career and spending time with those who make her really happy," ET's source added.

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