Jennifer Garner Has 'Slowed Things Down' With Love Interest John Miller (Exclusive)

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Jennifer Garner is pumping the brakes.

A source tells ET that “Jen has slowed things down with John Miller since the word got out they were dating. Jen’s children, career and Ben [Affleck] are her main focus at the moment and she is not ready for anything too serious.”

The source adds that the Peppermint star had confided to friends recently that she’s not looking for anything too demanding right now.

“Privately, she has told friends she doesn’t want to be deeply committed at the moment,” the source says. “She wants to focus on family, career and getting Ben back on track. She enjoys her time with John but she has concerns of moving too quickly because she doesn’t want to be disappointed. Her friends are in full support of her stepping back a bit because they all know relationships take a lot of work and right now her plate is full.”

“She still communicates with Ben almost daily because his sobriety is so important, she wants be a strong support and he leans on her a lot,” the source adds. “She truly is a great friend to him and an amazing mother."

News of the 46-year-old actress’ fledgling romance with Miller, the CEO of a financial holding company, first broke in October and ever since, numerous reports, photos and endless speculation have swirled.

"It's the first real relationship she's had since her marriage and she's worked hard to keep it private,” a source previously told ET. “Things are still casual and they haven’t officially announced that they are a couple, but the romance has definitely been ongoing for several months. Ben is actually very supportive of Jen's relationship.”

The source also offered an update on Affleck after the couple's marriage officially ended in November.

"Ben regrets so many of his actions in the past. He loves his family and knows his priority should have been them all along," the source shared. "The good news is that they work incredibly hard on keeping their family unit working for the children, despite the fact they are no longer married.”

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Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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