Jennifer Garner Looks Straight Up Shook in the Oscars' Best Viral Meme - Watch!

The actress' sudden look of sheer terror has become the perfect fodder for all the internet's 'that moment when' tweets.

What... happened, Jennifer Garner?

The Love, Simon star won big at the 2018 Oscars on Sunday night, specifically in the category of Best Viral Meme, when a reaction of her during the show became internet fodder for a bunch of incredible "that moment when" posts.

Garner -- who stunned on the carpet in a royal blue Atelier Versace gown -- was applauding at the Oscars when a deeply grave expression suddenly washed over her face, as though she may be going through some real internal issues, and social media was quick to try and suss out what they may be.

Here's the reaction if you missed it:


"Jennifer Garner just realized she forgot to take the chicken out the freezer," one viewer tweeted. Columnist Jemele Hill had a similar thought, suggesting, "When you’re having a good time and realize you forgot to thaw the chicken for your mama."

Check out some more of the glorious reactions below.

Hopefully, it was more of a personal moment of clarity and not an overwhelming sense of existential dread!

This is the best Garner moment since she hilariously sold Girl Scout cookies last month. Watch the video below for more.