Jennifer Garner Shares Surprising Secret to Removing Fake Blood

Jennifer Garner

The 'Peppermint' star shared a behind-the-scenes video from her upcoming action flick.

The things actors do for their craft! 

Jennifer Garner had some fun in the makeup chair during the filming of her new action film, Peppermint

The 46-year-old mother of three shared a funny clip to her Instagram page of her makeup team trying to get fake flood off her body. 

“Did you know shaving cream gets out fake blood? Fake blood! Just a little tip for you,” Garner says as she wipes the cream across her neck and chest. She then cuts to “The More You Know” theme. 

“Everyday tips for action girls,” Garner captioned the video, along with the hashtags “#icrackmyselfup, #themoreyouknow," and "#PEPPERMINTmovie.” 

Further joking about her bloody role in the movie, Garner shared a "#backtoschool" meme. Above one pic of herself all cleaned up reading off "fun summer ideas," the message says: "Moms: First day of summer."

In a selfie of the mother of three all bloody and bruised on the Peppermint set, the message touts: "Moms: Last day of summer." 

Garner seems to be keeping things light despite the dark nature of her upcoming film. In the movie, her character, Riley North, watches as her husband and daughter are gunned down by members of the cartel. When the system is corrupted and the men walk free, Riley takes justice into her own hands. 

The film's content didn't stop the actress from goofing off behind the scenes. Over the weekend, she shared a funny video of herself training with several stunt performers, all wearing tutus. 

“#FBF: ok, this is an oldie but it still makes me laugh,” she captioned the clip on Instagram. “Stunt performers are game for anything — they didn’t bat an eye when I offered tutus for training. The stunt team that PLAYS together SLAYS together. I love these guys… #PEPPERMINTmovie.” 

Things haven’t been quite as fun in Garner’s personal life lately. She recently took her ex, Ben Affleck, to rehab, and is continuing to support him as he seeks treatment. Watch the clip below for more: