Jennifer Lawrence Reacts to Amy Schumer Revealing Her Liposuction

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence
Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Lawrence touched on the topic in a new profile on Schumer in 'The New Yorker.'

Jennifer Lawrence isn't all too shocked about her friend, Amy Schumer's transparency when it comes to the plastic surgery she's undergone. In a new profile on Schumer in The New Yorker, Lawrence said she initially thought Schumer would keep her post-baby liposuction a secret.

"When she got liposuction, I just assumed that would be a secret. And wasn’t!" Lawrence said. "It’s a part of her -- I hate using this word -- relatability. In some ways, it’s benefitted her. Look at her obviously successful career."

Schumer, who welcomed her son, Gene, 3, with husband Chris Fischer in 2019, has spoken candidly about motherhood and the way her body has changed since having a baby. In January, she shared a health update with fans where she opened up about both her liposuction procedure and recent endometriosis surgery.

"I feel good. Finally. It’s been a journey thanks for helping me get my strength back @seckinmd (endo) @jordanternermd (lipo) never thought I would do anything but talk to me after your uterus doesn’t contract for 2.5 years and you turn 40," the comedian, who had previously sworn off cosmetic procedures, shared. "@paulvincent22 vickie Lee (acupuncture) my girl Nicole from the tox my friends and fam. Let’s go!"

In addition to posting the new swimsuit pics, Schumer revealed on her Instagram Story that she was down to 170 pounds post-surgery.

ET spoke with Schumer's doctors about the procedures and why she chose to be so public about her health and her body transformation.

Dr. Jordan Terner, who performed Schumer's liposuction procedure, said, at the end of the day, Schumer wanted her experience to empower others to be confident in themselves.

"She wants people to know about it. She wants to know how to make yourself feel good. She wants people to be confident, and I think the really nice thing about Amy is, she is natural. She is not looking to change who she is. She is so proud of herself and she has every right to be because she is wonderful," Terner said at the time. "She's not looking to change who she is, she's not looking to exaggerate her body. When done in moderation, I think that little procedures can go such a long way in making people feel better in their skin."

While Schumer did lose weight after the procedure, Terner clarified that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but rather addresses areas on your body that hold on to stubborn fat.

"Liposuction is the removal of targeted areas of fatty deposits, so it is not a weight loss procedure," Terner explained. "If there are areas that we want to focus on to kind of contour the body, stubborn areas of fat need to be removed. That's basically what liposuction addresses."

But whatever the procedure is, Dr. Terner shared that his whole objective is to make his patients feel better in their skin.

"Whatever the procedure is, whether it be liposuction, something smaller, something more invasive, being able to make someone feel better in their skin, especially when they are going through this traumatic experience, it feels amazing to me," he expressed. "But really, all I really care about is that it feels amazing to the patient and that is really why I do this." 

Schumer has been open about other procedures she's undergone as well, cosmetic or otherwise, documenting a trip to get the cheek filler she had put in her face dissolved, as well as undergoing a cool sculpting treatment to get rid of her "double chin."

For more on the work she's had done, check out the video below.