Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her Twins' 16th Birthday: See How Much Son Max Resembles Marc Anthony

Max and Emme celebrated their 16th birthdays in Japan with their mom.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins have reached a teenage milestone!

On Friday, the "This Is Me...Now" singer took to Instagram to celebrate Max and Emme's 16th birthday with a look back at their trip to Japan.

"16 🥥🥥 Birthday trip 2024 🤍🤍," the 54-year-old singer wrote. 

The video, set to Lopez's song, "Hummingbird," begins with her telling Emme, "I've never seen Max so excited," as they arrive in Japan.

"I've never seen myself so excited," Emme replies. 

Lopez's video continues with clips of her and her kids experiencing the food and the culture of the country. Though Max doesn't talk in the video, he's seen throughout it, and fans could not get enough of how much he resembles his famous father. 

"OMG ese niño es igualito a Marc😮😮," which roughly translates to "that boy looks like Marc," one fan wrote. 

"They look so much like their father Emmy [sic] look like her mom. Sweet kids," another follower commented. 

"One look like mom one look like dad," another added. 

Max has his father's signature dark tresses and pout, while Emme rocks a shorter haircut, similar to the one that her mother had in the '80s. 

Missing from the video was Lopez's husband, Ben Affleck.

Lopez and Anthony were married from 2004-2014. The pair welcomed their children together in 2008. In addition to Max and Emme, Anthony is the father of five other children, whom he welcomed in past relationships. 

J.Lo's kids have been her biggest support systems. In May, ET sat down with Lopez, who shared the hopes she has for her teenagers, no matter which path they decide to take in life.

"You know, I just want them to be whole, healthy, loving beings who stand in their whole truth and unapologetically themselves," she told ET.

"I try to do that, and I've tried to do that as I got older and grown up a bit. And I want them to know what they can accomplish and that they are limitless. That is a real thing," she noted. "And if you believe that, you will be able to accomplish anything in your life and I hope that they're getting that from me."


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