Jenny McCarthy Has Guessed 'a Lot' of 'Masked Singer' Identities: How the Show Avoids Spoilers (Exclusive)

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Jenny McCarthy is pretty great at guessing the celebrities behind the masks as a panelist on The Masked Singer.

ET's Rachel Smith spoke to McCarthy on Wednesday while taking a horse-drawn carriage ride in New York City, and McCarthy previewed Wednesday's all-new episode of the hit Fox singing competition.

"I think tonight's episode I get it right, if you can believe it!" McCarthy says. "You know what though, I get a lot of them right. ... I do, I do. But also if we guess them too early, we have to come up with a different name to not give them away too early! It is very confidential who these people are, so, for me, I do my radio show every day, so I'm constantly in the loop for, like, pop culture, who's who, what's going on, so putting the clues together is very easy for me. So I'm able to kind of get them, so if I get them too soon, I have to give them an alternate name."

"But, I do get some good ones this season," she continues before joking about her fellow panelist, Ken Jeong's, less than stellar guessing skills. "Oh my god, he's like 'Barack Obama!' And I'm like, 'Come on.'"

The Masked Singer is more popular than ever in its second season, and McCarthy says celebrities have actually called to be a part of the show.

"I knew from the amount of people watching it was popular, but when you have celebrities calling and begging to be on the show, you're like, 'Oh my god,' usually it's the other way around!" she shares. "So, there's a lot of people, they were surprised, they had to turn away some people."

When it comes to keeping the celebrities' identities secret on the show, McCarthy says she doesn't even tell her husband, Donnie Wahlberg.

"This is my analogy. When you go and watch a magician do a trick, you're like, 'Wow, that's amazing,' but as soon as you find out how he did it, you're, like, bummed. I don't wanna bum anybody out, I want them to play the game with me," she says about keeping the secrets. "So, my family is texting me during the show and I'm like, 'Great guess, hahaha.' So no one knows, not even Donnie. Donnie, I make guess, and I haven't put the clues together."

"A lot of people ask me this question ... 'How do you have such a huge audience and it doesn't get out?'" she adds. "Well, the entire audience signs contracts that say you cannot say a word, otherwise you have to pay a large amount."

Later, McCarthy revealed that she actually thought Wahlberg was one of the contestants on season one, but the masked singer turned out to be Joey Fatone.

"You know, if he was on this season, it would for sure be The Fox because he's so foxy," she jokes about her husband. "But last season, I thought The Rabbit might have been him because it was boy band-themed and I'm like, he can dance, he can sing and I was like, 'Are they tricking me?' That would be really genius for them to trick me, and then when I'd try to call him, he wouldn't answer, so I'm like, 'I think this is Donnie.' And then when they said you have 25 tattoos I'm like, at least I know that. It's not Donnie. It was Joey Fatone."

Earlier this month, ET spoke with Dr. Drew Pinsky, who donned a massive eagle costume and belted out Meatloaf before being unmasked and getting sent home. Pinsky talked to ET about how far the show went to keep its costumed cast of contestants as top secret as humanly possible.

"The moment you leave your front door, you're in a hoodie and a mask," Pinsky shared. "They won't let you show skin, you have white clothes on so they don't know what race you are or anything, and you're not allowed to speak. You do not speak when spoken to, you don't say a word until you enter your trailer. Then somebody comes into the trailer, you leave the trailer and go to the stage, and you're not allowed to speak to anybody until you start singing."

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox.


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