Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon Both Know Justin Timberlake’s ‘Safe Word’ in Funny ‘Best Friends Challenge'

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show

It’s like Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon are Justin Timberlake’s “Mirror” (oh, oh). 

Timberlake’s actress wife and his Tonight Show host pal appeared on Thursday’s show to separately prove that they are the singer’s best friend. Playing a game of the “Best Friend Challenge,” Biel and Fallon competed for Timberlake’s affection.

First, Biel was able to name Timberlake’s two favorite rappers — Mase and Andre 3000 — while Fallon came up short, simply guessing Run DMC. 

Fallon’s track record still wasn’t looking good when he guessed that Timberlake’s favorite cocktail was a gin and tonic, only to learn it was a tequila mule. 

“You don’t like it? You don’t like what I do for you?” Fallon asked his pal. “The beverages we make and have, that’s not fun for you?"

"I think it is fun, it’s just not the most fun,” Biel answered for her hubby, prompting Timberlake to mouth, “Oh snap!”

Biel then when on to explain how to make a tequila mule, which made Timberlake look longingly into her eyes and mouth, “I love you.”

Though Fallon was down, he quickly  earned some points back when both he and Biel correctly guessed that Timberlake’s “safe word” was “pineapple.” 

Fallon claimed it was a total guess on his part, prompting Timberlake to mouth, “Things just got weird.”

The final question’s answer was so crazy it made Biel leave the stage entirely. Watch the clip to see what happened. 

For more from Timberlake, watch the video below: 


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