Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Can’t Wait to Meet Their Baby -- and Then Have Three More! (Exclusive)

The ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Amazing Race’ alums are expecting their first child together this spring.

Life comes at Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson fast -- and they’re totally OK with it.

In the span of a year and a half, the pair met, fell in love on one reality show, won $1 million on another, moved halfway across the country, bought a house, got engaged, got married, announced they’re expecting their first child together (a girl, due spring 2019) and launched two new business ventures, a coffee company and a podcast, Now What?!.

“Why not a podcast?” Jessica asks, with a laugh. “It's called Now What?! mostly because I think that's, like, the number one question [Cody] and I have always gotten in our relationship … we got pregnant, and then there was this moment where we sat down, we were just kind of like, 'OK, now what?’”

New episodes of Jessica’s show premiere weekly through PodcastOne, and she’ll be sharing plenty of pregnancy updates with her listeners in the 10 weeks she has until baby Nickson arrives.

“She’s kicking like crazy!” Jessica shares. “She’s going to be a future Amazing Race-r, for sure.”

“I'm so excited,” the 28-year-old says of becoming a mom. “I'm excited to meet her, I'm excited to see what she looks like, and her personality and if she's got [Cody’s] eyes and my lips, or whatever it is. I'm just excited to hold her.”

“And then after this one, I’m ready for the next one, and the next one, and the one after that!” Cody adds, admitting he initially wanted 10 kids, but Jessica talked him down to four -- not including his 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Paisley. So, all together, five kids.

“Five is impressive, but I like to think in the future, when they're all grown up and they all come home for the holidays, how great that's gonna be,” Jessica poses.

For the next couple of months, the Big Brother alums are spending time getting ready for their new addition; that means a lot of getting Paisley excited to become a big sister.

“She wanted a brother,” Cody admits. “But I explained to her the other day that she's gonna take on a whole new realm of responsibility. So, she's no longer the baby of the family, you know?”

“She's going to be at least seven years older than her closest sibling,” Jessica notes. “She's excited about babysitting. She was asking about that, she's, like, looking forward to that. Having a sister first instead of a brother grew on her, she's very supportive of it. She's gonna be great.”

Jessica is also spending time thinking about motherhood, and what kind of parent she’ll be to her little girl.

“I just hope that I encourage her to be outspoken and take charge and [to be] a leader,” Jessica posits. “Those are the qualities I want her to be, happy and smart and [to] formulate her own opinions as opposed to following the masses.”

“She’s gonna be a strong woman,” Cody promises.

One thing the couple still has to figure out, though, is the nursery. They confess they’ve yet to get started on building on baby Nickson’s room at their home outside of Dallas because, currently, the nursery is Jessica’s closet! She took over a whole spare bedroom in their house.

“She's been changing her mind on the nursery because she hates pink and, like, the ‘girl colors,’” Cody explains. “But now, for some reason, she's changed her mind and now she wants the pink and the girl colors!”

They do, however, have a name picked out for their little one.

“It starts with an ‘M,’” Cody teases. “We've actually been calling her her name for quite a while, so every once in a while it slips out.”

“Yeah, our friends are starting to find out slowly,” Jessica says. “It’s like we’re getting really, really excited about it.”

The pair says they’re also excited for Celebrity Big Brother's second season, which kicked off this week on CBS. Each week, PodcastOne will release bonus episodes of Now What?! with Jessica and Cody’s commentary on the season. Check out the first installment here:


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