Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian and More Celebs' Kids Crash Their Interviews: Watch

Jimmy Fallon

Chris Hemsworth and Kelly Clarkson's kids have also made surprise appearances!

Celebrity kids are getting their moment in the spotlight! Amid the coronavirus pandemic, celebrity interviews have moved from talk shows and in-person junkets to video calls that take place from the comfort of the stars' homes.

While many video interviews have gone off without a hitch, others have faced a very cute interruption when the kid of an A-list star crashes the call.

Keep reading to see the hosts, actors, singers and others who've had their kids interrupt their video interviews.

Chris Hemsworth

While speaking with Triple M about his upcoming Netflix flick, Extraction, Hemsworth got distracted describing the making of the movie, telling the host, "That's my kids in the background" as he sushed them. Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, share three children, Tristan, 6, Sasha, 6, and India, 7.

Hemsworth's son remained off-camera briefly, before joining the shot and standing by his dad. After getting back behind the camera, Hemsworth revealed that his son was doing somersaults and throwing pillows at the computer. 

Jason Bateman

The 51-year-old actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month, and was surprised to see his daughter pop up behind him in the interview. 

"Oh, there goes Maple," Bateman exclaimed of his 8-year-old daughter when he spotted her standing outside. Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka, also have another daughter, 13-year-old Francesca.

Bateman went on to joke, "You see, I keep her outside. That way there's more food for me inside the house."

Jimmy Fallon

During his hosting-from-home stint, Fallon has been interrupted by his two daughters -- Franny, 5, and Winnie, 6 -- multiple times. Perhaps the best moment, though, came when Winnie popped up while Fallon was interviewing Halle Berry.

The actress was in the middle of describing how her own daughter's hair got so knotted that it had to be shaved off when Winnie appeared on screen.

"That's gonna happen. It's been happening. It happens all the time. She just walks in in the middle of a thing and that's the way it works," Fallon said, before encouraging Berry to continue telling the story so Winnie could listen.

"This is why you have to brush your hair, Win!" Fallon said after Berry finished speaking. "... So listen to Mommy and Daddy, OK?"

"OK," Winnie responded.

Jimmy Kimmel

The 52-year-old late-night host was interviewing Tom Holland when he asked if his son, Billy, could crash the chat. Kimmel's request came on Billy's third birthday, after he explained that his son's party was canceled due to the coronavirus. The bash was initially going to feature an appearance from Spider-Man, so Kimmel thought getting the actor that plays the superhero to say hi would be a good surprise.

After Holland agreed to the request, a spidersuit-clad Billy and his older sister, 5-year-old Jane, joined Kimmel on camera. Holland, wearing a red mask over his face and a Spider-Man hoodie, greeted the kids, before removing the face covering as Jane exclaimed, "That's Peter Parker!"

Billy seemed embarrassed by the whole thing, but Jane openly chatted with Holland, confessing that she thinks Peter Parker has a "cute" face.

Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, then brought out a cake for the birthday boy as Holland helped to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Kelly Clarkson

During The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 37-year-old singer hosted a chat with her Trolls co-stars, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. The trio played a scavenger hunt game where one item on the list was to grab something related to them. While Kendrick and Timberlake both grabbed dolls of the Trolls characters, Clarkson opted to grab her two kids, River, 5, and Remington, 4.

After grabbing her kids, Clarkson joked to her daughter, "You did your hair, man? OK. Somebody thought they were going to be on camera!"

Before jetting off, River told Kendrick, "I love your acting! I love Poppy," referencing the actress' character.

Kim Kardashian West

While the 39-year-old reality star's four kids didn't crash an interview, her eldest daughter, 6-year-old North, did jump in when she was filming a video encouraging people to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus.

In the clip, North continuously popped up as her mom tried to seriously discuss the importance of staying inside.

"I went outside!" North exclaimed, before Kardashian West assured, "You went outside in your backyard, that's totally fine."

North continued her interruptions by jumping on the bed and sitting behind her mom.


Though he's not a celebrity, BBC dad is the person who started it all! Robert E. Kelly, a political science professor, went viral in 2017 when his two kids and wife hilariously interrupted his BBC interview.

Kelly's kids, Marion and James, returned to TV back in March, when they were invited to appear on the network alongside their dad. This time, the kids spent their time on camera climbing over their parents as they did their best to answer questions.