Kids Who Crashed Dad’s Interview From Viral 2017 Video Return to the BBC

Robert E. Kelly was joined by his two kids and wife, Jung-A Kim, did an interview for the BBC.

At a time when many parents are cooped up at home trying to work with their kids, Robert E. Kelly can certainly relate. The professor of political science who went viral in 2017 when his two kids and wife hilariously interrupted his televised interview on the BBC, returned to the news network on Thursday and this time his family was invited to join him. 

As Robert's two kids, Marion and James, squealed, the interviewer quipped, "Good to see you're excited about being on telly, that's not the first time."

The family lives in South Korea and as Robert was trying to talk about the conditions there amid the coronavirus outbreak, his kids were climbing around and making noise. 

"Sorry," he said. "My kids..." 

But the interviewer joked, "No, no, you must never apologize. That's one thing you can never apologize for now." 

Robert's wife, Jung-a Kim, was asked about how she's handling being stuck at home with two kids amid quarantine, and she replied, "It's very difficult to stay in the house a very long time so we go to the playground, try to stay far away from people."

Prior to the new interview, Robert tweeted a photo of himself with his young son posing on top of his head. 

"This is what happens when I sit down at my desk now to try to work. It is basically impossible for me to work now," he tweeted. "Be kind to your employees with kids. After two weeks penned up in the house, those kids are gonna be climbing the walls."

Robert isn't the only parent these days struggling to work with the kids in the house. Watch the clip below for some funny footage of Jimmy Fallon trying to tape The Tonight Show with his two daughters, Winnie and Franny.