Jimmy Kimmel Teaches Bachelor Colton Underwood About the ‘Birds and the Bees’

Colton Underwood and Jimmy Kimmel

Now that Colton Underwood has officially been named as the new Bachelor, Jimmy Kimmel took it upon himself to educate the self-proclaimed virgin on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Kimmel sat Colton down for a talk about the “birds and the bees,” telling the audience, "I wanted to help Colton. He’s never done it and I have, a lot, I’m really good at it, actually.”

He started by asking Colton if he knew what sex was. The former football player jokingly told the host, "I have an idea. You know, I think when a man loves a woman then they go into the bedroom."

"Doesn’t have to be the bedroom, could be a car, could be an elevator, could be the Fantasy Suite,” Kimmel explained. "My wife’s parents conceived her on the kitchen table.”

Colton got sincere about his reasons for abstaining from sex, noting that he’s not necessarily waiting for marriage. 

"I’m just waiting for the right person, the right heart, and I put a lot of value in it,” he admitted. 

Kimmel then showed him some drawn diagrams of the male and female reproductive systems, explaining how the whole process works. 

Shortly after Colton was announced as the next Bachelor, ET spoke with former Bachelor, Sean Lowe, who also abstained from sex during the filming of his season. 

“My advice to Colton is be who you are, stand up for what you believe in and don’t take anything personally,” Lowe told ET, adding of the show’s physicality, “Just keep in mind that Grandma is watching!” 

For more on the new Bachelor, watch the clip below: 


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