J.J. Abrams Teases 'Star Wars: Episode IX' and the Return of Lando Calrissian (Exclusive)

The director is staying tight-lipped on 'Star Wars' spoilers, but he can't wait for fans to see the upcoming film!

The end of the Skywalker Saga is fast approaching, but J.J. Abrams isn't giving anything away!

ET's Ash Crossan spoke with the Star Wars: Episode IX director at the 14th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards at Bad Robot on Thursday, where he remained tight-lipped about spoilers for the final film in the third of Star Wars creator George Lucas' planned trilogies. 

"There are a lot of words that we all hope that you feel," he said of fan reactions to the upcoming epic, "and obviously the biggest, most important one I think is 'satisfied.'"

When asked if his return to the franchise in the as-yet-untitled Episode IX -- after directing Episode VII: The Force Awakens -- was creatively impacted by the fan response to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (which was directed by Looper's Rian Johnson), Abrams also didn't offer any specifics.

"I think that every movie is its own movie, and obviously this is a trilogy," the director explained. "We brought to that movie all the passion and hard work that we would have no matter what. So I think, you know, I think the story speaks for itself. I truly can't wait for you to see it."

One thing he could offer some information on, however, is the return of Lando Calrissian. Episode IX will feature an appearance from one of the franchise's beloved characters, as Billy Dee Williams is slated to reprise his role from the original trilogy -- following Donald Glover's take on the character in the standalone prequel film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. And Abrams couldn't have been more effusive about working with the legendary actor, saying, they had "a great time" on set.

"I gotta tell you, I had such unbelievable respect for him," he marveled. "He was wonderful... He just had this aura around him. He's really an incredible man and an incredible actor."

The Episode IX cast and crew recently celebrated the final days of filming -- which Abrams described as "a pretty emotional thing" -- with emotional posts on social media and an epic wrap party, and now the work of finishing the film begins for the celebrated director. But he's still not giving any spoilers. 

"The cast and crew just did an unbelievable job and I can't wait for you to see what we got going for you," he teased.

See more news from the Star Wars universe in the video below.