John Cena Says He and Nikki Bella Are in a 'Much Different Place' After Relationship Struggles (Exclusive)

The WWE star also revealed whether hosting the Kids' Choice Awards has made him want to be a father.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are stronger than ever. 

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the WWE wrestler and 2018 Kids' Choice Awards host at the Forum in Inglewood, California, on Friday, where he revealed that after working through his relationship struggles with Bella, they're "in a much different place." 

"It's a weird thing that our relationship is public for the world to know, [but] what a good takeaway for the folks at home -- relationships are tough," Cena shared. "It's hard work, and a lot of times, it has to do with looking at yourself." 

"'OK, there's a problem. Am I causing it? I kind of am. I'm being way too selfish here. We need to talk about this,' and that leads to a lot of conversations," he continued. "Sometimes people don't want to have those conversations." 

During an appearance on the Today show earlier this month, Cena revealed that he and Bella overcame their disagreements after he "caved" in.

"I love her. I don't want to live without her," he told ET. "So I'd rather [have a] hard conversation and us get through it as a couple than us not talking about it as a couple and let her go." 

And of all the celebs expected to be in attendance at Saturday's awards show, Cena said it's Bella who he's most excited to see. 

"This is going to sound so corny, but I know my bride is going to be here," he gushed. "We have been going separate ways for so long... I'll get to walk the carpet with her tomorrow, we'll be able to enjoy the show together, and we'll be able to have a date afterwards." 

Cena said hosting the Kids' Choice Awards has nothing to do with getting him in the mood to become a father -- "that has to do with the relationship between me and Nicole," he revealed -- but he's definitely excited to put on a great show for the kids.

"It's because of those kids in the audience that those stars are able to have their moment on the podium," he said. "The live votes, the slime, the audience interaction, the amount of production that Nickelodeon puts into their sets, it's done for the people in these seats, and it's done for the people at home." 

"I am [a big kid]," he continued. "I love the environment, because young people's attitudes are so honest." 

"As we grow older, we develop who we are," Cena said. "This is a very important stage of development for these young people, and allowing them to have a voice, and I think that's what Nickelodeon does best." 

The 2018 Kids' Choice Awards airs Saturday on Nickelodeon. 



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