John Cena Says He Doesn't Know When His Wedding to Nikki Bella Is: 'I'm on Standby'

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John Cena is ready to get married! The 40-year-old actor and WWE wrestler visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday where he opened up about his previously postponed wedding plans to Nikki Bella.

“I was able to let Nicole plan the bachelorette party and she just finished that,” he revealed. “And now I’m just kind of on standby to know when it is and where it is, and I’ll be there.”

Cena confirmed that he is planning the big day, adding, “I am super excited and I’m going to have to learn a dance. I promised Nicole that I would spend the last half of April learning a dance. It’s not going to be any good, but I’m going to do the best I can… I’m going to put the time in because I want that moment to be special for her.”

Host Jimmy Fallon then offered to teach Cena a dance move he allegedly learned from Madonna, which featured the two of them putting their hands behind their heads and swiveling their hips.

Fallon also suggested that Cena get married on Wrestle Mania after he got engaged at the same event last year.

“I could get married,” he joked. “Nothing ever goes wrong at a WWE wedding. Sounds like a quaint place to do that.”

Cena also got sweet when talking about the fact that he’s never been to a school dance, saying, “You know what, I’m making up for it now, with my bride-to-be I have dances all the time.”

The professional athlete opened up about what led to their brief falling out during Wednesday’s appearance on the Today show.

“I can generalize it in saying in relationships you have points of disagreement and it was a point of disagreement where it seemed like we couldn’t get past it,” he explained to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Noting that he was the one who “caved,” Cena added, “We got past it, and we’re back on.”

For more from the couple’s romance, watch the clip below!


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