John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on How Their Super Bowl Commercial Is 'Right Up Our Alley' (Exclusive)

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Super Bowl viewers can expect a dose of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on their TV screens this year. 

The couple stars in a big game commercial for the launch of Genesis' first-ever SUV, the GV80, and only ET's Kevin Frazier was on set. As we quickly found out, a few things have changed for Legend and Teigen after the singer's brand-new title -- Sexiest Man Alive.

"I'd say his wardrobe might change a bit," Teigen revealed. "After getting Sexiest Man Alive, he just wore a suit with no shirt... and it was pretty shocking and jarring." 

"Yeah," Legend confirmed. "I'm back to normal now." 

"I thought it was pretty cool that he got [Sexiest Man Alive] and then I was like, 'Wait -- everyone on The Voice gets it,'" Teigen said with a laugh, referencing Adam Levine and Blake Shelton's previous titles. "So, I think that's why he signed up for The Voice."

"That was the reason," Legend joked. 

The singer's Sexiest Man Alive title gets a shout-out in their Super Bowl spot for Genesis, the youngest luxury car brand in the world. The commercial sees Legend ad libbing and Teigen wearing a feathered white gown. 

"I think the biggest shocker is that we're actually gonna be driving it," Teigen dished. "I mean, people do these commercials and they don't eat what they're eating in the commercial. None of those girls are eating those Carl's Jr. burgers. But when we do something, we want it and we love it and we sign up for it because we love it. So, you're gonna see us cruising around in this vehicle. And I'm excited."

"I really think the concept of the commercial is gonna be great and it's right up our alley," Legend said. "I think people have seen us at the awards shows, kind of like how they can get so stuffy, and then we just bring some lightness and levity to the moment. I think we'll try to do that with this too." 

Legend and Teigen will take their kids Luna and Miles cruising around in the GV80, alongside the furrier members of their family -- like their adorable new puppy, Petey. The sweet pooch has completely taken over their home, "but he's a dream dog," Teigen noted. 

"I've never really had a little fur ball before. I'm used to bull dogs, Frenchies... and he's gonna be huge," she shared. 

"John successfully talked Luna out of the name Kitty," Teigen revealed. 

"She wanted to call him Kitty," Legend chimed in. "I just felt like it wasn't gonna mesh."

Luna has also thought of a new name for Legend -- instead of "Dad," she's hilariously started calling him "John." 

"I was taking her to school this morning and she said it again! And she laughed, so she knows it's a thing she's not supposed to do, but now she's just messing with me," Legend said. 

"When she gets a laugh, she will... she'll continue it," Teigen explained. 

"She's a lot like this one," Legend shared, pointing to his wife. 

See more on Legend and Teigen in the video below. 


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