John Mayer Details His Future In Acting: 'I'm My Own Agent For Film' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with Mayer at the Los Angeles Premiere of his new film 'Vengeance.'

John Mayer may be a household name for his signature vocals and acclaimed guitar talents, but after his hilarious role in B.J. Novak's forthcoming film Vengeance, the musician may be meant for the big screen. However, the "New Light" crooner says he typically reserves his acting appearances for projects with friends.  

Speaking with ET's Lauren Zima on the red carpet of the film's Los Angeles premiere, Mayer detailed why he chose to be a part of this particular project and revealed if fans will see him acting in the future. "I like being in my friends' movies," Mayer said candidly. He went on to say, while he enjoys the experience, "I don't really have a brain for acting. I like when my friends call me and say, 'You wanna do stuff?'"

Mayer then boasted, "I'm my own agent for film," and seemingly left the door open for possible future collaborations with his Rolodex of friends in the industry. Describing his relaxed approach to accepting a project, Mayer said, "It happens just when friends go 'Hey I have an idea for you,' -- I go 'yeah, I'll do it.'" Simple as that!

While Mayer may be humble about his on-screen talents, the musician gushed about working with his real-life friend andThe Office alum B.J. Novak, who wrote and directed the film. 

"B.J. is very thoughtful on where he wants it to go," Mayer explained while discussing Vengeance's opening scene, in which he appears. Mayer acts as "a parody" version of a rockstar and says the scene is, "a great moment between two guys that are smart but dumb." Mayer joked, "The way we are talking it's like we are only ever listening to ourselves talk." 

Zima then asked if fans would still see Mayer and Novak "out and about" outside of filming, to which Mayer quickly retorted, "We go out... I'm not sure we go about. We go to one or two places."

The red carpet event for Vengeance saw appearances from the star-studded cast including Mayer, Novak, Ashton Kutcher, Boyd Holbrook, Isabella Amara and Finneas, who created the film's original score. 

Vengeance hits theaters July 29.