John Mayer Shows Off His ‘Third Nipple’ to Pal Andy Cohen

John Mayer and Andy Cohen

The 'WWHL' host appeared on the singer's Instagram Live show “Current Mood” on Sunday night.

John Mayer’s body is a… strange place. 

The 41-year-old singer joked around with his close pal, Andy Cohen, on Sunday’s episode of his Instagram Live show, “Current Mood.” 

The friends, who recently attended Cohen’s epic Real Housewives-filled baby shower, talked about putting Mayer’s online show on the map by making headline-worthy content. 

After noting that he could talk about any of his exes, Cohen added that any discussion of Mayer’s body might do the trick. 

"I have three nipples. This is a Current Mood first,” Mayer revealed. 

"No, this is a world exclusive!” Cohen quipped. 

The “New Light” singer then lifted up his shirt to show off what he called a "supernumerary nipple,” located just below his right nipple. 

"It kind of is,” Cohen said, touching the “third nipple.” 

"You’re the worst doctor ever!” Mayer told Cohen. "I showed you something with a medical name and you kept going, ‘It might be!’”

"I’m no doctor, obviously, but is it a mole of some sort?” Cohen asked, prompting Mayer to quickly shut him down. 

The Bravo host then got into interview mode, jokingly asking, "Do you feel marginalized as someone with a third nipple? I feel like that would be hard sometimes."

"I’m kind of doing alright, but some people are,” Mayer replied. "I’m a lucky one. I’m a well to do three nipper." 

"Is your third nipple sensitive?” Cohen pressed. 

"No, but my first and second aren’t either,” Mayer noted. 

Mayer announced a new 2019 World Tour on Monday, with a North American leg kicking off on July 19. Cohen is currently in Los Angeles awaiting the birth of his first child. Fore more, watch the clip below: