John Mulaney Jokes About Fatherhood and Getting Sober in 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue

John Mulaney
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John Mulaney took to the Studio 8H stage over the weekend for his fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live, and the comic and new dad delivered a hilarious opening monologue about his tumultuous year.

"For many, many reasons, I'm grateful to be here tonight. After a very complicated year, it is wonderful to be in a place that has always emphasized sobriety and mental health," Mulaney joked at the start of his monologue, referring to SNL's notorious past.

After recalling his intervention back in December 2020, he talked about going to rehab, "Which was a very good experience. I'm very grateful that I went."

"I was there for two months from December to February 2020. I was there during January 6th, the insurrection. Wouldn't have happened on my watch. Because I would have seen to it," he joked. "Was there ever an insurrection before I went to rehab? No. Has there been one since I got out? Absolutely not. They wouldn't dare."

"Life is a lot better and happier now," Mulaney continued. "I have a 12-week-old son. I'm very excited. He's a pretty cool guy for someone who can't vote."

Mulaney and girlfriend Olivia Munn welcomed their baby son, Malcolm, in November, just months after he first confirmed his relationship with the actress.

The comic recalled "the moment I first bonded the hardest with my son," which happened in the delivery room, right after they welcomed the bundle of joy.

"My girlfriend gives birth to him. And he's crying a little. And they bring him over to this warmer. And they put him under this warmer, under this really bright light that's shining in his face. And Malcolm, he's laying there, and this light is right in his eyes. And he doesn't cry or do anything, he just looks and he was annoyed, but he didn't say anything. 

"And I was like, 'That's my son,'" Mulaney said. "A polite man in an uncomfortable situation, but he's not going to make a fuss."

Finally, he tied things together between fatherhood and sobriety when he joked about how his son's favorite pacifier had been recalled.

"It's such a bummer. He loved it. So we have a dozen of them. We still have them on a basket on the counter," Mulaney shared." And I can see this look in his eyes, always like, 'Oh, I want to use those, but I can't because they could kill me.' I'm like, 'Welcome to my world, homie.'"

Mulaney's SNL return was a family affair! Munn posted a pic of the comedian and their newborn backstage. "Malcolm visited SNL Thursday afternoon. Here he is looking like your uncle being carried out of a wedding because he went too hard," she captioned the pic.

For more on Mulaney and Munn's adorable baby boy, check out the video below.

Saturday Night Live airs live, coast-to-coast, at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.


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