Johnny Depp's Bodyguard Alleges Amber Heard Physically and Verbally Abused the Actor

Travis McGivern claimed that Heard physically and verbally abused her ex.

Johnny Depp's bodyguard is recalling an alleged fight between the actor and his ex. On Monday, Travis McGivern testified virtually at Depp's defamation trial against Amber Heard, and claimed that the actress physically and verbally abused his client.

Speaking about one alleged 2015 fight in particular, McGivern claimed that he "saw Ms. Heard throw a Red Bull can from her position that struck Mr. Depp in the back." 

"At one point, Ms. Heard threw something else -- either a purse or some sort of bag that she had up there," McGivern claimed. "I was able to knock it away, so it didn't hit [Mr. Depp]. At one point, she spit at him."

McGivern additionally alleged that, at one point, Heard punched Depp in the face. "The initial look on his face kind of mirrored mine, kind of a look of shock," McGivern said of Depp's reaction.

The bodyguard, who said he never saw any injuries on Heard, testified that Depp did not retaliate following the alleged physical abuse.

McGivern claimed that the alleged altercation also included "verbal vitriol" from both Depp and Heard, adding that they each called the other "a f**king c**t" amid the alleged disagreement.

As for Heard specifically, McGivern claimed that the actress told Depp he was "f**king washed up" and "a deadbeat dad" during the alleged argument.

"The F-word is my favorite word and it was being thrown around to the point where I was uncomfortable," McGivern testified.

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