JoJo Siwa Takes Out Her Signature Bow and High Ponytail: See Her Fun New Look!

The teen ditched the bow and ponytail and rocked her beachy waves.

JoJo Siwa is ditching her iconic look! In a TikTok on Tuesday, the 16-year-old YouTube star shocked fans by showing off what she looks like without her signature bow and straight, high ponytail.

Siwa began the video by sporting a multi-colored jacket and matching bow, before quickly changing into a colorful furry look, then a jacket with teddy bears, followed by three sequin-filled outfits, a bedazzled Guess jacket, and finally a sequin and patch adorned jacket.

Siwa's typical looks stopped there, as the teen ended her epic video by showing off what she looks like naturally when she rocked a black, graphic tee. But more shocking than her final outfit was her last beauty look, as she said goodbye to the big bow and high pony in favor of wearing her hair down to reveal her natural waves.

Siwa appeared to be thrilled as she delighted fans with her typical day-to-day look by flipping her long hair and grinning at the camera.



Watch the video below for more on Siwa.