Jon Bon Jovi Gets Candid About His Past, Implies He's Had 'Girls in My Life'

Jon Bon Jovi
John Nacion/Getty Images

The rocker recently opened up about his past sex symbol status and the 'excesses' of fame.

Jon Bon Jovi is getting candid about his love life, and possible entanglements he had with numerous women since becoming a rock star.

The 62-year-old Bon Jovi frontman recently sat down for an interview with Michael Strahan, and implied that he may have stepped out on his marriage to wife Dorothea Hurley, in the past -- particularly when he was young -- or at least been presented the opportunity by multiple women.

"I got away with murder," the musician said of the early years of his marriage in the ABC special Michael Strahan x Jon Bon Jovi: Halfway There. Bon Jovi and Hurley celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday.

When asked about his status as a "sex symbol" in the '80s and early '90s, the "Livin' on a Prayer" singer implied that he'd benefited from that appeal in his youth.

"I'm a rock and roll star. I'm not a saint," Bon Jovi said. "I'm not saying that there weren't 100 girls in my life. I'm Jon Bon Jovi. It was pretty good."

Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi attend the 'Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story' UK Premiere on April 17, 2024. - Karwai Tang/WireImage

However, the singer added that he never wanted to risk his marriage to his high school sweetheart just to feed his ego.

"If you think I'm ever going to jeopardize my anything for believing the narcissist in me was real? What a stupid thing to do," Bon Jovi said, adding that indulging in the typical "excesses" of the rocker lifestyle is "just not worth it" for him.

Bon Jovi and Hurley tied the knot in 1989 after eloping at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They share four children -- daughter Stephanie, 30, and sons Jesse, 29, Jake, 21, and Romeo, 20.

The artist's candid conversation with Strahan comes shortly after the premiere of his new Hulu docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.

The rock legend recently sat down with ET at the iHeart Studios in Los Angeles to talk about his new show,  and why the group members all decided to get on board for this specific project.

"The 40th," he said of the band's 2023 milestone anniversary. "It's a round number, you know? I mean, I think 40 years is worth taking a look back... 50? I think at 50, [I] sort of wonder, 'Will I make it?'"

He added, "It was the 38th anniversary-ish when these thoughts came across my mind, you know, and I thought, 'Time to archive things, time to consider a documentary, time to think about what's the plan,' and this all came together."

Bon Jovi also reflected on wanting to do the retrospective project, and why it wasn't hard for him to look back at his own life.

"It wasn't hard to do for a number of reasons," he said. "One is, I have very few regrets. Mistakes are part of life and part of the journey."

The four-part series premiered April 26 on Hulu. Aside from interviews with the band's current and past members, the show also includes interviews with Bruce Springsteen and other major musicians and figures instrumental to the genre and the band's rise to fame.