Jonas Brothers Performing 'Sucker' With Classroom Instruments Has Fans Loving the Song Even More

Give this new version of the hit track a listen!

The Jonas Brothers deliver infectious tunes, no matter what they're using.

Ahead of their appearance on Wednesday's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the trio joined Fallon and his Tonight Show band, The Roots, to perform their single, "Sucker" -- with nothing but their voices and classroom instruments!

In the pre-recorded clip, which aired on Monday's episode, Nick Jonas takes the lead, providing the first verse of the track, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in March. By his side is the late-night talk show host, who handles wood-block duties for the performance. 

Soon, Joe and Kevin Jonas chime in with their polished vocals as the show's band playfully makes its way through the song on toy instruments like a Casio keyboard, xylophone, ukulele, bongo drums and much more. While Nick chooses to play a clapper and Kevin plays a triangle for the classroom rendition of their single, Joe decides to use a banana as a shaker. 

In no time, the new version received a wave of glowing comments online with one writing on YouTube: "Joe with a BANANA!! I dunno why I laughed so hard."

Another chimed in, "The Roots literally make EVERYTHING IN LIFE BETTER." Yet another gushed that the show's host has become an honorary member of the group with this performance, writing, "4 in the morning ? and i can't stop watching this ? JIMMY JONAS."

Last week, ET caught up with the group at the premiere of Chasing Happiness, a new Amazon documentary that delves into their breakup, separate lives and reemergence as a formidable pop act. 

"For us, it was important to step into this new chapter with a lot of clarity about how we were going to approach it, and that was being as honest as possible with each other and with our fans -- and maybe people who were not fans as well, which I think is very important," Nick explained on the red carpet. "This documentary hopefully will bring some families back together that maybe have had some tough times."

Kevin also discussed Nick instigating their split in 2013 as the group put more and more of a strain on the brothers, leaving them wondering if they could salvage their familial bond.

"There definitely was [moments we thought the relationship wouldn't recover]," Kevin told ET. "It took time, but after the initial shock of it all, it led to a better relationship, and then this documentary really shows the come-back-together moment."

"I think what we learned over the last year, and what the doc shows quite a bit, is that our relationship as brothers, as family, comes first. And then the band, that comes second," Joe added. "[Music is] important to us, obviously, but we have to make sure we have a healthy outlook on everything, and that ultimately makes us a lot more fun. And we enjoy the road a lot more."

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