Jonas Brothers Read and React to Hilarious Fan Tweets About Them -- Watch!

Jonas Brothers
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The Jonas Brothers recently sat down with Twitter Music to see what folks are saying about them, leading to more than a few incredible moments.

First up was the revelation that Nick Jonas doesn’t always understand memes.

"Oh, this is the thing I never understand,” he proclaimed after starting a tweet that began with "literally no one" alongside a colon. He continued reading: "The Jonas Brothers after 6 years: WE ARE BACK WITH A BOOK, A DOCUMENTARY, A TOUR, AND AN ALBUM! OH AND WE ARE ALL MARRIED NOW! Me: I’m broke."

Nick himself responded by saying, "I get that one. That one makes sense." However, his brother, Joe Jonas, didn’t believe him, telling the camera, "He doesn’t understand memes, and he didn’t get this one."

Later, Nick read another tweet, which states: "I guarantee that I know more words to every Jonas Brothers song than the Jonas Brothers themselves do."

Both Joe and Kevin Jonas happily agreed, while Nick fired back at the writer, "Is this a challenge? Challenge accepted."

Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner’s, hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, came up when he read a tweet that said, "The Jonas Brothers keep me alive. That’s why I was dead for some time & now I’m back alive & lit."

Nick suggested that perhaps, like Jon Snow, the writer had risen from the grave, which got a swift "spoiler alert!" from Joe.

"He gets brought back to life," Nick continues, making sure at least one of the show’s major plot points is good and ruined.

Another tweet paired with a fashion magazine cover featuring the trio observed: "Kevin’s commitment to the turtleneck is why he has always and will always be my favorite Jonas Brother."

"This turtleneck looks like it’s about to eat your face," Nick commented after reading the tweet.

"It’s very large," Joe later agreed. "It’s about to consume your face. It’s large and in charge."

When one fan tweeted that they wasted their youth memorizing Nick’s favorite Easter moment and Joe’s best pickup line, Joe himself shared what his go-to line actually is: "I got my library card and I’m checking you out."

Check out all the fun in the clip above.


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