Jordyn Woods Responds to Speculation She's the Kangaroo on 'The Masked Singer' (Exclusive)

The model has been a top fan guess for the reality competition show.

Is Jordyn Woods the Kangaroo on The Masked Singer? The 22-year-old model attended the Bria Murphy Art 4 All opening night exhibit on Thursday, where ET spoke with Woods about the possibility. 

"That's crazy," she said of the rumor that she's the Kangaroo. "No, I love that show so much. My sister and I watch it all the time. I wish I could be on that show."

When specifically asked if she was the Kanagroo, Woods replied, "No, I actually love the Kangaroo though. I've been watching this season, but I'm late a couple episodes, so I need to catch up."

Woods has longtime been considered the frontrunner to be the Kangaroo on the competition series. Even ET has predicted that the contestant is secretly Woods. 

That's thanks, in part, to some of the clues the Kangaroo has dished out this season. 

"I recently lost a person who held my family's heart together. Then, by my own admission, I found myself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons," the Kangaroo said. 

Woods recently lost her father and found herself at the center of a cheating scandal when she kissed Khloe Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson, last year. The former bestie of Kylie Jenner is now estranged from the Kardashian-Jenners. 

There have also been shots of makeup and basketball, possibly hinting at Woods' makeup work and Thompson's NBA career. 

So far, several celebs have been revealed on this season of The Masked Singer, including Lil Wayne, Tony Hawk, Drew Carey and Chaka Khan.

For more from The Masked Singer, watch the clip below: