Jordyn Woods Seemingly Responds to Khloe Kardashian’s Peace Message

She later claimed that her message was not meant as a "sub or 'clap back.'"

Jordyn Woods has some messages of her own to get out. Shortly after Khloe Kardashian posted a lengthy peace offering to Kylie Jenner's former BFF, the model took to her own Instagram Story to share some feelings, which many interpreted to be about Khloe. 

"Someone somewhere is still discussing the old you because they don't have access to the new you," Jordyn reposted the quote, adding "Facts" with the 100 emoji after. 

Jordyn later wrote, "Not every quote that is posted is a sub or a 'clap back' and not everything posted is directed towards one person in general. I deal with a lot of different s**t daily. It's all love. Only positive vibrations."

Jordyn Woods/Instagram Story
Jordyn Woods/Instagram Story

These messages come after Khloe got very candid on her own Instagram Story on Thursday, posting messages in the aftermath of her controversial Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode last Sunday. 

"I don't hold any negative or hateful feelings towards ANYONE!" she wrote at the time. "I mean that. Life is short! We are all humans trying to figure out this thing called life. Who am I to condemn anyone else? Yes, I'm allowed to feel hurt and pain. It would be unnatural for me to pretend as if I don't. Personally, I don't want to be carrying around a hateful heart."

In the episode, Khloe's ex, Tristan Thompson, who allegedly cheated on her multiple times and was caught kissing Woods, seemingly tried to win her back with lavish gifts. 

After Khloe received several responses to her original post, she later added, " ... I'm seeing a lot of back-and-forth with people asking, 'Why don't I keep that same energy with Jordyn?' That message is for Jordyn. It's for anyone else who has ever hurt me. For some reason people want to assume that I'm only talking about Tristan. This message applies to ALL parties involved in situations that have ever hurt me ... I have moved on, found forgiveness and only wish you happiness and joy!"